News: 01-Apr-11

  1. UAE hosts 2nd Clean Energy Ministerial
    ABU DHABI — The second Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM2), a high-level global forum promoting policies and programs to advance clean energy, will be held in Abu Dhabi 6-7 April, bringing together ministers from the world’s major economies.
  2. Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Criticizes Qaradawi for His Discriminatory Remarks on Bahrain Popular Uprising
    Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi has criticized Sunni cleric Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi for his discriminatory remarks about the popular uprising in Bahrain.
  3. Saudi Wahhabis prints 1.5 million copies of anti-demo edict
    Saudi Wahhabis is printing 1.5 million copies of an edict by religious scholars outlawing protests in the conservative kingdom as un-Islamic, the state news agency said on Tuesday.
  4. Wahabi Terrorists Shot Martyred Shia Cleric in Karachi
    A Shia cleric Maulana Ali Paienda was gunned down on Wednesday in Future colony Landhi Karachi, by the terrorists of Wahabi-Nasabi organization of Sipah-e-Sahaba, Laskhar-e-jhangvi and Taliban backed by Saudi-American regimes.
  5. Indonesia: East Java council wants Islamic headscarf for schoolgirls
    Bangkalan Legislative Council in East Java has urged all schools in the regency to oblige their female students to wear Islamic head scarves when they are in school.
  6. Epsom man charged over Kingston Mosque attacks
    A man suspected of being part of a gang that threw beer at and urinated on a mosque during a march against Muslim extremism has today been charged by police.
  7. Bahraini Forces Backed by Saudi Troops Destroy Shia Mausoleum of Abdul Hamid al-Jamri
    Amid the growing crackdown in Bahrain, forces backed by Saudi Arabian troops have destroyed the mausoleum of prominent Shia leader Abdul Hamid al-Jamri.
  8. Bahrain steps up arrests of Shia activists – opposition
    Bahrain has stepped up arrests of cyber activists and Shi’ites, with more than 300 detained and dozens missing since it launched a crackdown on pro-democracy protests, the opposition said Thursday.
  9. Wahhabis Force Kuwait Cabinet to Resign
    Kuwait’s official news agency says the nation’s Cabinet has resigned over regional turmoil, apparently a reference to the Bahrain conflict.

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