News: 03-May-11

  1. Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan/ The first picture of Bin Laden after death
    The most prominent face of terror in America and beyond, Osama bin Laden, has been killed in Pakistan, U.S. officials said Sunday night.
  2. US troops were ready to capture Osama alive: White House
    The US troops were prepared to capture Osama bin Laden alive, but his resistance and use of a woman as shield forced them to kill the al-Qaida leader, the White House said.
  3. Bin Laden body buried at sea: US official
    Burying bin Laden’s body at sea would ensure that his final resting place does not become a shrine and a place of pilgrimage for his followers, ABC television reported.
  4. Osama bin Laden dead: Muslim organisations maintain al-Qaeda was a US creation
    Even as the United States and its allies in the war against terrorism celebrated the killing of Osama bin Laden , Muslim organisations and intellectuals sought to put up a disinterested face, maintaining that the al-Qaeda founder was a creation of America and was eliminated as he had outlived his utility
  5. Iraq expects reprisals for bin Laden killing
    Iraq’s army and police went on high alert on Monday for possible revenge attacks in one of al Qaeda’s major battlegrounds after U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden in a raid on his Pakistan hideout.
  6. Bahraini forces abduct school kids
    Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have attacked a number of schools across the Persian Gulf kingdom, abducting several students, witnesses say.
  7. Syria protesters given surrender ultimatum
    Syrian authorities demand protesters to surrender by 15 May and continue massive arrests and shootings despite the lifting of state of emergency.
  8. Saudis call for municipal vote boycott
    Saudi intellectuals and activists in capital Riyadh have called for a boycott of their country’s municipal elections, where women have been barred from voting.
  9. Gaddafi tanks probe rebel city as son is buried
    Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi launched a new armoured incursion into the besieged rebel city Misrata on Monday as hundreds gathered for the funeral of his son, killed in a NATO-led air strike.
  10. AMU teachers on strike against campus closure
    Aligarh Muslim University Teachers’ Association on Monday began an indefinite sit-in on the campus against the institution’s indefinite closure following a clash between rival students groups last week.

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