News: 05-May-11

  1. Obama Says He Won’t Release Photos of Bin Laden’s Corpse
    President Obama has decided not to release photographs of Osama bin Laden’s body, CBS News reported on Wednesday.
  2. White House alters narrative of bin Laden raid
    Factual errors concerning some of the most explosive details of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden have forced the White House to double back and fix their story.
  3. Deoband biggie bats for Osama, slams US
    Head of Jamaitul Ulema a Hind, Arshad Madni, finally broke his silence on Tuesday and vociferously condemned the cowardly murder of Osma bin Laden by the US.
  4. SSP, JuD call Osama Bin Laden a ‘martyr’
    Senior clerics, mostly belonging to the Deobandi sect, have come out strongly against reports of al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden’s death.
  5. Libya: aid ship cuts short mission in Misurata after coming under fire
    A British-funded aid ship was forced to cut short its mission to evacuate civilians from Libya after Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces shelled the port of Misurata shortly after it docked.
  6. Tehran police clash with anti-Saudi football fans
    Iranian police have clashed with football fans chanting anti-Saudi slogans during an Asia Champions League match in Tehran.
  7. Bahrain to Put Medical Staff on Trial
    Bahrain plans to try in a military court nearly 50 doctors and nurses who treated antigovernment protesters during months of unrest, broadening the ruling Al-Khalifa family’s crackdown on Shiite opposition supporters.
  8. Bahrain Mosques Victim of Sacrilege and Vandalism
    Eyewitnesses say the forces razed another prayer hall to the ground on Wednesday.
  9. Three killed, three others injured in Karbala blasts
    Three people have been killed and three others injured in two explosive charges blasts in northern Karbala on Wednesday.
  10. Saudi King Banned Shias to visit Bahrain
    Saudi Arabia is reportedly denying permission to its Shias citizens to visit Bahrain while trying to downplay the crisis in the neighboring island nation.

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