News: 12-May-11

  1. Tanks shell Syrian protest city
    Syrian tanks have shelled the country’s third biggest city of Homs, as security forces widen their crackdown on nationwide dissent with at least 19 people killed in the latest clashes and dozens wounded.
  2. Syria Loses Spot For Rights Panel
    Kuwait replaced Syria on Wednesday on an uncontested slate of countries seeking seats on the United Nations’ main human rights body after an outcry over the violent crackdown on domestic dissent by the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
  3. Osama fiasco deepens army-govt rift in Pak
    Despite claims by Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership that they are on the same page in facing the crisis gripping the country since US Navy Seals killed the world’s top fugitive Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, the statements emanating from the two sides reveal embarrassing discord.
  4. Grenades hurled at Saudi consulate in Karachi
    Two men on a motorcycle hurled two hand-grenades on the Saudi Consulate here on Wednesday, causing low-intensity explosions.
  5. Bahrain oil company fires hundreds over protests
    Bahrain’s energy minister says that the Gulf kingdom’s oil company has fired almost 300 employees in recent weeks for taking part in anti-government protests and general strikes.
  6. West’s silence on Bahrain censured
    A Bahraini human rights group has lambasted the West’s refusal to openly condemn brutal Saudi-backed crackdown against the popular uprising in Manama.
  7. 600 protesters arrested in Tunisia
    At least 600 people have been arrested during the past five days of protests in Tunisia as post-revolution unrest continues in the North African country.
  8. Bahrain king seeks Iran co-op in crisis
    Bahrain’s King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has called for Iran’s cooperation to resolve the ongoing political crisis within the Persian Gulf sheikhdom.
  9. Preaching Islam vs teaching violence
    WikiLeaks documents based on the interrogation of certain al-Qaeda suspects at the American detention centre in Guantanamo Bay say that the detenus stayed in the premises of the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi while waiting for visas from the Pakistan High Commission to reach Pakistan for terror training.
  10. The system that created Osama is alive
    The Wahabis bless the Saudi regime with legitimacy in the absence of any election, and the regime blesses them with money and a free hand on religion. The only downside is that this system ensures a steady supply of “sitting around guys” — young Saudi males who have nothing other than religious education and no skills to compete — who then get recruited to become 9/11-style hijackers and suicide bombers in Iraq.

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