News: 11-Jul-11

  1. US buying time for new Saleh in Yemen
    The United States and Saudi Arabia are creating chaos in Yemen in an attempt to buy time to find a replacement for Ali Abdullah Saleh who would serve their interests, an analyst says.
  2. Armed Wahhabis killed Imam in north of Caucasus for opposing Wahhabism
    Religious leaders are frequently the victims of militant violence in Russia’s North Caucasus. Russian Islamologist Roman Silantev said late last year that around 50 moderate muftis have been killed for opposing Wahhabism.
  3. Saudi cleric detained for criticism
    Saudi authorities have arrested a cleric after his criticism of the kingdom’s rulers for prolonged detention of political prisoners without trials.
  4. EDL thugs stage anti-Islam protest
    The racist and fascist group, the English Defence League (EDL), has staged a protest against Islam in four towns and cities across Britain.
  5. Libya’s revolutionaries maintain advance
    Libyan revolutionaries are continuing to make progress as they battle west from Misrata towards the key town of Zlitan, on the road to Tripoli.
  6. Iran to send ‘Explorer 5’ into space
    Head of Iran’s Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli says the country will send its domestically-built Kavoshgar 5 explorer into space in the near future.
  7. Sadr to use force if US overstays
    Iraq’s Sadr Movement says it would take up arms against US troops, if Washington fails to honor an agreement requiring it to withdraw all its forces from Iraq by December 31, 2011.
  8. Syria opens national dialogue amid crisis
    A national dialogue joined by the members of the ruling Baath Party and independent lawmakers has got underway in Syria in the hope of curbing the months-long deadly unrest in the country.
  9. Iraq appeals to Bahrain for footballer’s release
    The president of the Iraqi Football Association, Najeh Hamoud, told The Associated Press that Baghdad is trying to “secure the release” of Zulfiqar Naji, a 16-year-old player on the junior team for Bahraini club Al Muharraq.
  10. German Muslims Suffer Job Discrimination
    Well-qualified, ambitious and skilled Germen Muslims are complaining of growing discrimination against them in the job market, especially veiled women, who are taking the full brunt for their dress.

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