News: 31-Jul-11

  1. UN adds Pakistani Taliban to sanctions list
    UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations on Friday slapped sanctions on the Pakistani Taliban — thought to be behind last year’s failed bombing attempt on New York’s Times Square — for having links with al Qaeda.
  2. Moroccan king calls for parliamentary elections soon
    RABAT – Morocco’s King Mohammed VI called Saturday for parliamentary elections to be held soon, in his first speech since a July 1 referendum overwhelmingly approved curbing some of his prerogatives.
  3. Iran resumes gas exports to Turkey after blast
    TEHERAN — The flow of Iranian gas is to resume to neighbouring Turkey on Saturday a day after a pipeline explosion, a spokesman for the national gas company was quoted by the Fars news agency as saying.
  4. Bahraini unions fight to have workers reinstated
    The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions is currently fighting to have 2,500 workers reinstated to their jobs. These workers were originally fired when they took part in demonstrations against the despotic, pro-imperialist monarchy earlier this year.
  5. More than 40 dead in south Yemen violence
    ADEN – At least 42 people have died in violence near Yemen’s southern city of Zinjibar, most of which has fallen under the control of suspected Al-Qaeda militants, military and local sources said on Saturday.
  6. Karachi target killing claim another eight lives
    KARACHI, (SANA): At least eight persons including one police personal were killed and several others injured in the result of the ongoing target killing incidents in Karachi here on Saturday.
  7. Pakistan puts travel curbs on US diplomats
    Pakistan has placed new travel restrictions on American diplomats living in the country, a US official said, in the latest sign of the breakdown in ties between Islamabad and Washington.
  8. NATO Shells Libyan TV Satellite Dishes
    The NATO announced Saturday it has disabled three Libyan state TV satellite transmission dishes in the capital, Tripoli, through a “precision air strike”. It said the operation was intended to stop “inflammatory broadcasts” by Col Muammar Gaddafi”s regime.
  9. Iraq PM pushes government downsizing to MPs
    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made a rare appearance at Iraq’s parliament on Saturday to push for slashing the size of a national unity government that critics charge with inaction.
  10. Pakistani troops aid Bahrain’s crackdown
    In March, as a government crackdown on pro-democracy protestors intensified in Bahrain, curious advertisements started appearing in Pakistani media.

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