News: 17-Aug-11

  1. Bahraini hunger striker hospitalized
    A female Bahraini prisoner on hunger strike has been transferred to a hospital after her grave health conditions deteriorated.
  2. Entire Quran calligraphed in Tehran overnight
    A group of 300 calligraphers inscribed the entire Quran in the nastaliq style in the courtyard of Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on the night of August 15-16.
  3. Wahhabis Reject Grand Shia Ayatollah Sobhani’s Invitation for a Debate
    Wahhabi scholars did not accept the invitation of Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani for discussing and conversation.
  4. Yemen’s economy has suffered $8bn in losses
    A Yemeni official has admitted that following the popular uprising against the Yemeni dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh, this country’s economy has suffered $8bn in losses within the past six months.
  5. Bahrainis urge release of prisoners
    Bahraini demonstrators have once again held rallies in several villages to demand the release of political prisoners and the pullout of the Saudi forces from their country.
  6. Turkish officials deny Syria “buffer zone” report
    Turkish officials denied a report on Tuesday by a local broadcaster that Ankara was planning a buffer zone along its border with Syria to prevent an influx of refugees.
  7. Scuffles at office of Bahrain rights probe
    A state-appointed commission probing rights abuses in Bahrain has closed its office after protesters reportedly scuffled with staff members following reports that the panel had cleared government officials of wrongdoing.
  8. Yemen’s Saleh vows to return soon, blasts foes
    President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Tuesday he will return “soon” to Yemen and lambasted his opponents, in a speech aired on state television from Riyadh.
  9. The Latest Barbarism In Saudi Arabia
    First, they chopped off her head. Then they dragged the corpse through the air with a helicopter so that ordinary citizens could see what they’d done.This is what sharia looks like in Saudi Arabia, where the rulers of the country claim to have the final word on the proper interpretation of Islamic law.
  10. Bahrain documentary sparks war of words
    A war of words is raging in the print media of Qatar and Bahrain mainly because of a documentary aired by Al Jazeera English channel on the events in Bahrain.

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