News: 26-Aug-11

  1. Iraq opposes actions against Iran’s security: Kurd official
    TEHRAN: The Iraqi Kurdish region’s vice president said Thursday on Iraq opposed any action against Iran’s “security,” as Tehran said it would continue its operation against Kurdish rebels near the border area.
  2. Saudi-backed raids continue in Bahrain
    Saudi-backed security forces in Bahrain continue their brutal crackdown against protesters who are demanding an end to the rule of the Al Khalifa regime in the country.
  3. US pushes Iraqi MPs for stay beyond 2011, while Iraqi hezbollah vows reprisal
    JNN 25Aug 2011 WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday he thinks progress has been made in talks with Baghdad on maintaining some U.S. military presence in Iraq after the end-of-year deadline for withdrawing American forces.
  4. Bahrain opposition shuns poll deadline
    Bahrain’s largest Shia opposition group Wefaq said it would miss yesterday’s deadline to register for by-elections for the 18 parliamentary seats it quit in protest at a government crackdown on mostly Shia demonstrators this year.
  5. Bahrain police attacked peaceful protesters in Nuwaidrat
    Saudi-backed Bahraini police have clashed with peaceful protesters who are demanding an end to the decades-long rule of the Al Khalifa regime in the country.
  6. Bahrain’s Anti-union Repression: ITUC
    The authorities in Bahrain are stepping up repression of the country’s trade union movement, with further suspensions and sackings of workers due to their actual or suspected participation in trade union and political actions earlier this year.
  7. 21 Bahraini prominent activists Appeal on 6th of September before a Military court
    Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) is deeply concerned about the appeal hearing of the 21 prominent activist before a military court.
  8. During al Qader Night, Thousands of Visitors in The Holy Shrines of Karbala + Pics
    It well to be mentioned that holy city of Karbala witnessed more than 50 millions of visitors during the year, especially after the fall of Saddam regime.
  9. Iran calls for huge oil consortiums
    Iran’s Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says the private sector should form “huge oil consortiums” to finance energy projects in the country.
  10. Iraq summons Turkish envoy over raids
    BAGHDAD: Iraq has summoned Turkey’s ambassador to demand an immediate halt to air strikes on its northern border in its strongest condemnation of a week-long military operation, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said on Thursday.

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