News: 30-Aug-11

  1. Bahrain troops attack protesters
    Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have attacked anti-government protesters after the demonstrators took to the streets across the Persian Gulf sheikdom to protest a speech by the Bahraini king.
  2. Hundreds of Egyptians protest Saudi ‘meddling’
    Egyptian people have gathered in front of the Saudi embassy in the capital city of Cairo to protest Riyadh’s interference in their country’s internal affairs.
  3. Call to expel Hyundai company from Iraq
    White Iraqiya bloc MP Alia Nisaif called to expel the South Korean Hyundai company and its personnel from Iraq, as well as boycotting it for implementing Kuwaiti Mobarak terminal.
  4. Talabani, Maliki condemn Um al-Qura Mosque explosion
    President Jalal Talabani and Premier Nouri al-Maliki denounced the suicidal explosion directed yesterday night at groups of people praying in Um al-Qura Mosque, west of Baghdad, calling on security forces to enhance their vigilance and the people to support these forces.
  5. 200 yr old Karbala will be restored
    The Hussainabad and Allied Trust (HAT) will undertake restoration of 170-year-old Ghar Wali Karbala situated in Maqqaganj in old city. The restoration work is expected to cost Rs 10 lakh with the first instalment of Rs two lakh being released on Monday.
  6. Iran says ready for more cooperation with IAEA
    TEHRAN — Iran is ready for increased cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog and could respond to a limited number of IAEA “allegations”, the country’s nuclear chief told IRNA news agency on Monday.
  7. Gold Mine Found in Torbat-e Jam
    A gold mine with 500 kg of high purity gold has been discovered in Torbat-e Jam, Khorasan Razavi province.
  8. Chinese publishers printing Quran with spelling mistakes
    TEHRAN — Copies of the Holy Quran published in China are littered with spelling mistakes, says an official from the Organization of the Holy Quran.
  9. Detainees disappear into black hole of Saudi jails
    Outside a villa surrounded by palm trees on the outskirts of Saudi Arabia’s second largest city Jeddah, police cars guard an exceptional criminal court where 16 men were put on trial this year after more than four years detention.

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