News: 05-Oct-11

  1. Iran Reiterates Plan for Sending Monkey into Space
    Head of Iran’s Space Agency renewed his earlier promise that Iran would send a live monkey into space, but did not give any specific date for action.
  2. Bahraini princess accused of torturing detainees during unrest
    A Bahraini princess has been accused of involvement in the torture of detainees during the country’s suppression of anti-government protesters earlier this year.
  3. Bahrain Press Association Announces the Release of its Report on Abuses Against Media People
    Bahrain Press Association “BPA”, the London-based association concerned with defending Bahrain media and press people, announced today the release of its first report documenting the outrage practiced by the Bahraini regime against scores of media people.
  4. Attack on Hazaras: Politicians demand state protect Shia community
    Politicians including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain condemned the target killing of 14 ethnic Hazaras in Quetta today (Tuesday).
  5. Saudi Arabia: Police ‘open fire’ on protesters
    Saudi forces reportedly laid siege to a Shia village in the east of the kingdom yesterday following the eruption of clashes, raising fears that the world’s biggest oil producer may not be immune to the unrest sweeping the Middle East.
  6. Bahrain bans Shia ‘human chain’ rally
    DUBAI: Bahraini authorities banned Tuesday the Shia opposition from organising a demonstration against the jailing of medics and activists over their roles in pro-democracy protests quelled in mid-March.
  7. 14 Shias gunned down in Quetta
    * Six others injured as terrorists ambush a bus carrying 20 to 25 people to vegetable market
  8. Imam Sajjad’s (AS) “Treaties on Rights” Published in Serbian Language
    “Treaties on Rights” by Imam Sajjad (AS) was translated and published by Iran Cultural Center in Serbia.
  9. Bahrain jails 26 Shia protesters up to 15 years
    The National Safety Court, set up specially by the Sunni-ruled kingdom after Shia-led pro-reform protests were crushed in March, sentenced nine defendants to 15 years for allegedly kidnapping policeman Mohammed Falah. — Photo by AP
  10. Amnesty International Urges Pakistan Authorities to Tackle Brazen Attacks on Hazara Shi’a
    Hazara People International Network note: Hazara people are not Afghan. They are Hazara and the attack on Hazara people in Pakistan is a clear example of ethnic cleaning and genocide in this century.

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