News: 23-Oct-11

  1. Sheikh al-Awami calls for a law criminalizing the sectarianism in the Kingdom
    In a seminar titled “Ideas in the Criticism of Sectarian Charging” in Saihat city in Qateef Province, Sheikh Faisal al-Awami called for a verdict that criminalizes anyone who tries to inflame the sectarian emotions in the Kingdom, stressing that the problem of the nation is “religious sectarianism.”
  2. Bahraini Top Shiite Leader: All Dictators Face Gaddafi’s End
    Bahraini spiritual leader Sheikh Issa Qassim says dictators all over the world will meet former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s end.
  3. Two weeks in Bahrain’s military courts
    Teachers, professors, politicians, doctors, athletes, students and others have all appeared in Bahrain’s military courts. In just two weeks, 208 people were sentenced or lost appeals, leading to a cumulative total of just less than 2,500 years in prison.
  4. Tehran, Baghdad to ink major gas deal in month
    Iran and Iraq will sign a deal by the next 30 days to finalize the export of Iranian gas to its neighbor, the National Iranian Gas Company’s (NIGC) managing director Javad Oji announced in Tehran on Saturday.
  5. Man shot dead in Orangi
    KARACHI: A man who recently embraced Shia sect was shot dead at his shop by armed men in Orangi Town early Friday morning, police said.
  6. Book of Pigeons released
    The book is titled as the Book of Pigeons (Columbiad) which is a collection of 155 sonnets by contemporary poets about Imam Reza(a.s.).
  7. Iraq PM: Immunity issue scuttled U.S. troop deal
    Iraq’s prime minister says U.S. troops are leaving Iraq after nearly nine years of war because Baghdad rejected American demands that any U.S. military forces to stay would have to be shielded from prosecution or lawsuits.
  8. As US withdraws, Baghdad eyes checkpoints
    Miles of blast walls and hundreds of checkpoints for years have made Baghdad a safer place — but also a frustrating maze of delays and hassles for residents of the Iraqi capital.
  9. Iran central bank dismisses U.S. sanctions threat
    Iran dismissed on Saturday a threat by Washington to impose sanctions on its central bank in response to an alleged assassination plot, saying the United Nations would block the plan and other central banks would not accept it.

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