News: 26-Oct-11

  1. Saudi Arabia, no country for young men
    The death of the Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud has dealt a strategic blow to the aging kingdom which is adamantly resistant to any form of social and political reform in the country.
  2. US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,481
    As of Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011, at least 4,481 members of the U.S. military had died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.
  3. Iraq rounds up Baathists ahead of U.S. pullout
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq has arrested at least 240 former members of Saddam Hussein’s banned Baath Party and ex-military officers over what some senior officials described as a plot to seize power after U.S. troops withdraw at year’s end.
  4. Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Warned Against the Islamophobia in Azerbaijan
    Top Iranian jurisprudent warned against the Islamophobia in Azerbaijan calling the country’s officials to learn from the events in the region.
  5. Anti-Shia terrorist ‘Malik Ishaq’s’ detention extended for 60 days
    The Punjab Government on Tuesday extended the detention period of banned outfit Lashkar-e- Jhangvi (LeJ) leader Malik Ishaq for a further 60 days.
  6. 100,000 Shia Books Sent Abroad
    Head of the World Shia Studies Center said over 100,000 copies of books with Shia themes have been sent abroad in the past 2 years.
  7. HRW worried about human rights in Bahrain
    Authorities in Bahrain should consider reversing criminal convictions of hospital workers who were allegedly tortured, Human Rights Watch said.
  8. Papers From Iraqi Archive Reveal Conspiratorial Mind-Set of Hussein
    WASHINGTON — On Nov. 15, 1986, Saddam Hussein gathered his most senior aides for an important strategy session. Two days earlier, President Ronald Reagan had acknowledged in a televised address that his administration had sent weapons and spare parts to Iran.
  9. Gadhafi buried in secret, cousin tells of his final days
    Moammar Gadhafi was buried in a secret desert grave at dawn Tuesday, finally drawing a line under his 42-year rule and the eight-month uprising to depose him.

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