News: 28-Oct-11

  1. Centenary Remembrance of Construction of Tomb of Shaheed-i-Thalis at Agra
    There is Majalis at the shrine of Shaheed-i-Thalis, Qazi Nurullah Shushtari (r.a.) from 26th to 30th October 2011. Wherein national and international scholars, elites and poets will grace their presence.
  2. Iran; Specialization course of Mehdaviat organized in the Islamic Propagation Organization
    The specialization course of Mehdaviat specified for the efficient ladies of Qom is taking place in the Islamic Propagation Organization of Iran’s Qom city.
  3. Bahrain FM visits US amid arms delay
    Bahrain’s foreign minister is on a visit to the US days after Washington was forced to delay a planned 53-million-dollar arms sale to the Persian Gulf kingdom.
  4. Twin bombs kill 18 in Baghdad
    At least 36 people were wounded in the attack that targeted a Shia neighborhood
  5. Chinese-made anti-Islam toys found in UAE
    UAE Police say a number of Chinese-made toy guns have been imported into country that utter insulting and mocking phrases against Islam.
  6. Kurram Agency IDPs repatriation from 29th
    PARACHINAR: The grand tribal jirga in Kurram Agency on Wednesday said that the process of return of internally displaced persons would begin from October 29.
  7. 2nd Conference of Women Journalists of Islamic World
    The second conference of the Islamic world’s women journalists will be held in Tehran on Sunday, October 30.
  8. BAHRAIN: Female teacher re-arrest exposes human rights abuse as others recount torture
    BAHRAIN: Without proper jurisdiction and legal rights, school teacher and Vice President of Bahrain’s Teachers Association Mrs. Jaleela Al Salman has been forced to return to prison by Bahrain police security following her official release from prison while she was waiting for the appeal of her upcoming case set for December 11.
  9. Afghani vice-president meets Sistani
    NAJAF / Aswat al-Iraq: Afghani vice-president Mohammed Kareem met today Shiite clergyman Ali Sistani, during his visit to Iraq , Aswat al-Iraq correspondent reported.
  10. Turkish companies failed in Karbala projects – Governor
    KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Karbala’s governor announced today that the Turkish companies failed in implementing the projects in the province, referring to the Turkish company implementing a power generation station.

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