News: 10-Nov-11

  1. Saudis want troops out of Bahrain
    Hajj pilgrims from the Saudi city of Qatif have staged a protest rally in the holy city of Mecca, urging Riyadh to withdraw troops from Bahrain.
  2. Sadr was “liquidated” in Libya, Qaddafi aide says
    Revered Lebanese spiritual leader Musa Sadr, who went missing in Libya in 1978, was “liquidated” at the time, a former aide to Moammar Qaddafi said Wednesday.
  3. A Long-Awaited Apology for Shiites, but the Wounds Run Deep
    BAGHDAD — As the United States ends its second war in Iraq, the legacy of the first one still haunts. The memory of the first President Bush’s urging Iraqi Shiites to rebel against the government in 1991, and standing by as thousands were slaughtered, is a tragic counternarrative to the revolutions that have swept the Middle East and a torment that even now complicates relations between the countries.
  4. Iraq blast kills three Iranian pilgrims
    Three Iranian pilgrims have been killed and seven others injured in a bomb explosion near Samarra in Iraq’s northern Salahuddin Province.
  5. Huge asteroid speeds past Earth at 30,000mph
    An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier raced past Earth last night, the largest to come past us since 1976.
  6. Feeble EU economy may stifle Iran sanctions drive
    WASHINGTON — Panic over Europe’s economic woes could scuttle hard-hitting economic sanctions against Iran, analysts said Wednesday, drawing the United States closer to a stark choice between military action or containment.
  7. Muslim body rejects Deoband’s fatwa on birthdays
    The All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), a representative body of Sufi Sunni Muslims, on Tuesday rejected the fatwa issued by the Darul Uloom Deoband against celebrating birthdays, including that of Prophet Mohammad. General secretary of AIUMB, Maulana Syed Ashraf Kichhouchhvi, said that the whole world celebrates the birth of the Prophet, except Saudi Arabia, and 54 countries have a national holiday on this auspicious day.
  8. Wahhabism seeks division among Muslims
    Iranian Cleric and university professor denounced fake religions as a showcase and a means for the oppressors to wage division among the Muslims.
  9. 70 Taliban militants wiped out in Afghanistan
    Some 70 Taliban militants were wiped out when they tried to attack a NATO base in the Paktika province, in the east of Afghanistan, last night.
  10. Bahrainis back protests during Hajj
    People of Bahrain have staged a protest rally to express their solidarity with fellow anti-regime protesters that earlier came to the streets during the recent Hajj pilgrimage.

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