News: 4-Feb-12

  1. NYPD under fire for memo on Shia community
    Civic groups from around the US are calling for a legal investigation into intelligence-gathering on Shia Muslims by the New York Police Department.
  2. Behind bars: CID arrests three suspects for Shia killings
    The authorities claim to have arrested three suspects involved in the recent murders of Shia lawyers in Karachi.
  3. Bahrain opposition urges world pressure on regime
    Bahrain’s Shia-led opposition called on Friday for international pressure on the Sunni-dominated regime it accuses of brushing aside a report denouncing a deadly crackdown on protests last year.
  4. Cultural festival fails to hide Bahrain tensions
    Kingdom launches year-long celebrations to boost tourism but protesters still battle security forces at flashpoints
  5. Militants destroy girls school in DI Khan
    A powerful bomb blast left a girls school in ruins on Dera-Sherani road in the Dera Ismail Khan area, officials said late Thursday night.
  6. Iran bans nationals from road travel to Syria
    Iran banned its citizens on Friday from traveling to Syria by road following the abduction of nearly 30 Iranians in the escalating uprising in its key Middle East ally, state media reported.
  7. Iraq postpones Islamic Capital of Culture project
    Iraq has postponed a problem-plagued project for the holy city of Najaf to be the Arab world’s Islamic Capital of Culture, the spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani said on Friday.
  8. Top Shiite cleric urges Iraqi politicians to make concessions to solve crisis
    Iraq’s most prominent Shiite cleric has urged politicians to make concessions to solve the country’s ongoing political crisis, an aide to the leader said on Friday.
  9. Iran launches newest satellite into space
    Iran successfully launched a new domestically manufactured satellite into orbit on Friday morning.

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