News: 25-Feb-12

  1. Saudi regime forces arrest protesters in Awamiyah
    Saudi police have arrested a number of demonstrators after anti-regime protesters took to the streets in Eastern Province, despite threats of crackdown on pro-reform protests in the kingdom.
  2. Bahrain’s ‘underground medics’ secretly treat injured protesters
    Fearful of arrest when seeking treatment in Bahrain’s hospitals, injured protesters are turning for help to medics who have been forced underground, a Bahraini doctor has told the BBC.
  3. Protest in London against killings in tribal areas
    LONDON: Hundreds of Pakistanis gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission here protesting against incidents of killings in various parts of Pakistan, particularly a wave of violence in the Parachinar town of Kurram Agency and other tribal areas.
  4. US offers to help India replace Iran oil
    The United States has offered to help India get alternative supplies for Iranian crude in an attempt to reduce the New Delhi’s dependence on the Islamic Republic
  5. Canadian arms exports used by Saudi Arabia to quash Bahrain protest
    Saudi Arabia have used Canadian-made armoured vehicles to help put down antigovernment protests in neighbouring Bahrain during the early days of the Arab Spring.
  6. EU mulls expelling Iran from SWIFT
    Member states of the European Union may agree in coming weeks to stop the global electronic money transfer system, SWIFT, from doing business with Iranian banks.
  7. Iran ready to continue N-talks with IAEA
    Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed Tehran’s readiness to continue cooperative negotiations with the nuclear body.
  8. Syrian rebels confirm receiving arms
    Syrian rebels have confirmed that foreign countries, including the West, are arming them to fight against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
  9. Japan pledges loans to Iraq amid Iran squeeze
    TOKYO — Japan is to offer $530 million in loans to Iraq, in part to help rebuild oil refineries, an official said Friday, as Tokyo seeks to diversify fuel supplies after the tightening of sanctions on Iran.

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