News: 10-Jul-12

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  1. Russia hosts top Syrian dissident for talks
    Russia on Monday hosted a delegation led by top Syrian dissident Michel Kilo for talks as Moscow comes under growing pressure from the West to halt all support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad.
  2. Saudi religious police held after deadly car chase
    Saudi authorities arrested four members of the notorious religious police who allegedly caused the death of a man and the injury of his wife and two children in a car chase, local media reported on Monday.
  3. Annan to put new “approach” to rebels after Assad talks
    International envoy Kofi Annan said he agreed with President Bashar al-Assad on Monday on a new political “approach” to end Syria’s 16-month-old conflict that he would put to the rebels.
  4. Saddam-era minister freed after serving sentence
    Iraq freed a Saddam-era interior minister on Monday after he completed his seven-year prison sentence and was not found to be wanted on any other charges, a justice ministry spokesperson said.
  5. Iraq gun and bomb attacks kill three
    Gun and bomb attacks north of Baghdad on Monday killed three people including two anti-Al-Qaeda militiamen, security and medical officials said.
  6. Bahrain court disbands Shia opposition group
    A Bahraini court on Monday ordered the disbanding of a Shia opposition group, the Islamic Action Association, judicial officials told AFP.
  7. Bahrain jails leading Shia activist for three months
    A Bahraini court on Monday handed leading Shia activist Nabil Rajab a three month jail sentence after convicting him of posting tweets deemed insulting to Sunnis, one of his lawyer said.
  8. Taliban execute woman in Afghanistan
    A Taliban love triangle has led to a burqa-clad woman been executed in Afghanistan with an AK47 with baying villagers cheering in delight, a media report said. The 22-year-old woman, said to have been married to a member of a hardline Taliban militant group, was shot dead after being accused of adultery with a Taliban commander.
  9. Annan and Assad agree political approach for Syria
    (Reuters) – U.N. peace envoy Kofi Annan said he and President Bashar al-Assad agreed on Monday on an approach to Syria’s conflict that he would now take to the opposition, and flew on to Iran for talks with the main regional ally of Damascus.
  10. Best Bakery riots case: Four found guilty, five acquitted
    Mumbai: In another twist in the controversial Best Bakery case of the 2002 Gujarat riots, the Bombay High Court on Monday acquitted five of the nine accused, even as it upheld the life sentences awarded to four others by a lower court in 2006. The high court said there wasn’t enough evidence against the acquitted accused. On March 1, 2002, 14 people – including women and children – were burnt to death in Vadodra after the riots broke out.

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