News: 22-Jul-12

  1. Iran to mount 2012 International Bismillah Festival
    Iran is planning to hold the 9th edition of International Bismillah Festival, exhibiting various Qur’anic artworks in the capital city of Tehran.
  2. Nahjolbalagheh to be rendered into 40 languages
    Head of the 20th International Quran Exhibition has announced the Culture Ministry’s decision to translate Nahjolbalagheh into 40 languages.
  3. Bahraini activist uges end to German arms exports to Saudi regime
    A prominent German-based Bahraini activist called for an immediate end to German weapon exports to the despotic Saudi regime.
  4. Sheikh Sankoh, Head of France Sunni Muftis Embraces Shia Islam
    A top French Sunni mufti, Sheikh Sankoh, was very impressed with his visit to the holy city of Karbala. When asked on his impression on Shia Islam, he said that Karbala and Imam Hussain (as) are amazing discoveries for him. He said now he has discovered (in Karbala) the reality of Shia Islam…
  5. Saudi Shia Cleric Urges Gov’t to Meet Popular Demands, Issue Amnesty for Political Prisoners
    Prominent Saudi cleric of the Abbass Mosque in the Eastern Saudi town of Rabieya, Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Hubeil, called upon the government “to open a new page in dealing with the demands of the area’s people, to contain the crisis with the onset of the holy month of Ramadan.”
  6. Syrian troops retake Sayyida Zainab neighborhood from rebels
    Syrian troops have regained control of most parts of the Damascus neighborhood of Sayyida Zainab after government forces launched an all-out offensive against the armed rebels in the capital, Press TV reports.
  7. Saudi Wahhabis call for the destruction of Shia shrine in Syria
    Amid an escalation of the terrorist attacks on citizens and government buildings in the Syrian capital Damascus, the extremist Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia have called for the destruction of holy shrine of Lady Zaynab.
  8. Attack on Turkey-Iraq pipeline knocks out oil flows
    (Reuters) – Firefighters in southeast Turkey on Saturday put out a fire on a pipeline carrying about a quarter of Iraq’s oil exports, but it was unclear when oil would resume flowing, security sources said.
  9. As desperate Syrians flee, UN pleas for aid go unmet
    As the terror in Syria’s civil war escalates, another crisis is developing: desperate people on the run. They are fleeing even Damascus, the capital, as President Bashar Assad hammers rebellious areas with tank fire, helicopter rockets and artillery. Tens of thousands of refugees are pouring into Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

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