News: 15-Aug-12

  1. Saudi Wahhabi Officials Indict Prominent Shia Cleric ‘Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer’ After Year in Jail
    Saudi Arabian officials have issued an indictment against prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer, who has been held in jail for one year without trial.
  2. Syria set to be suspended from Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
    Leaders of Muslim countries are expected to suspend Syria’s membership of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation at a summit in Mecca.
  3. Saudi security forces shoot dead a citizen in bordering Yemen
    Saudi Arabia’s security forces have shot and killed a man who refused to stop at a police checkpoint in the Jizan province, bordering the kingdom’s southern neighbor Yemen.
  4. Independence Day Bombing
    At least 12 wounded after bomb detonates at a gathering celebrating Pakistan’s 65th birthday in Quetta.
  5. 8 bombers with 1,100 kilos of explosives arrested in Baghdad
    Iraqi security forces have arrested eight bombers with 1,100 kilograms of explosives in their possession in Baghdad.
  6. Assad regime near collapse
    ALEPPO, Syria, Aug 14, (Agencies): Syria’s former prime minister, the highest profile government figure to defect, said Tuesday the regime was collapsing and controlled barely a third of the conflict-wracked country.
  7. US: Iran ‘building Syrian militia’
    Iran is playing a growing role supporting the Syrian regime and is helping to build and train a militia to fight opposition forces, US defence chiefs say.
  8. Kuwait begins taking opinions on constituencies, poll system
    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 13: The government has started taking the opinions of political blocs, civil society institutions, youth activists and lawmakers on the proposed amendments to the electoral constituency and voting systems, reports Al-Hurriya daily quoting a reliable source.
  9. World Muslim body poised to suspend Syria
    MECCA, Saudi Arabia: The world’s largest pan-Islamic bloc was poised Wednesday to suspend conflict-wracked Syria, a move strongly opposed by Iran, a staunch ally of the regime of President Bashar Assad.
  10. Yemen separatist leader detained in Aden: source
    ADEN: A Yemeni secessionist leader was detained Wednesday when his plane from Britain landed at Aden airport, a fellow leader of the separatist movement told Reuters.

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