News: 14-Sep-12

  1. Shia towns under months-long blockade by Wahhabi insurgents
    More than 80,000 Shia Muslim in the northwestern Syrian towns of Nebbol and Az-Zahra’ are suffering from starvation under a siege imposed by Wahhabi terrorists.
  2. Bahraini citizens caught in executioner’s grip: Report
    Organizers of a conference on the situation in Bahrain have filed a report calling attention to the violation of human rights by the Al Khalifa regime.
  3. Expelled Iran diplomats back in Tehran, blame Canada’s ‘close friendship’ with Israel
    TORONTO — Iranian embassy staff expelled by Canada arrived back in Tehran on Thursday and “lashed out” at the Conservative government for cutting off diplomatic relations, local state-controlled press reported.
  4. NAM protects strategic autonomy in a new world
    Nowadays, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is no longer much of a movement. Since the Cold War’s end, it has fractured into a far more heterodox grouping whose members range from leftist regimes, as in Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, to the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. So it should be no surprise that ideological cacophony has severely diluted the group’s founding impulse of avoiding entanglement in the disputes of the world’s superpowers.
  5. Syrian rebel leader says Sunni jihadists threatening to kill his Lebanese Shiite hostages
    AZAZ, Syria — A Syrian rebel commander holding 10 Lebanese Shiites hostage said Thursday he is willing to release the men but fears doing so could set off a wave of reprisal attacks by Sunni extremists.
  6. House Rent in Iran Increased by 60 Percent
    (Source: By S. Isayev and T. Jafarov, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan (MCT) The house rent in Iran has increased by 60 percent within the 1390 Iranian year (March 20, 2011- March 21, 2012), compared to the same period of last year (March 20, 2010- March 21, 2011), according to Iran’s official Statistics Center.
  7. Iran oil exports up, IEA says
    PARIS, Sept. 13 (UPI) — The International Energy Agency said crude oil imports from Iran have increased slightly despite Western sanctions imposed on the country.
  8. Syria: sectarian violence hits Damascus
    As the violence came within less than a mile of the sensitive Shia Sayyeda Zainab shrine, irate members of the local Shia community reportedly formed vigilante groups, and came out onto the streets to fight against members of the rebel Free Syrian army, according to activists.
  9. Book Reading Culture Dissemination Project Run in Tehran
    IBNA: The project is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to be pursued in Tehran’s schools, said Ali Nikpey in an interview with IBNA.
  10. Protests in Iraq over film on prophet Mohammed
    (AGI) Baghdad – Protests over a controversial film on prophet Mohammed were staged also in Iraq. The film, described by Muslims as blashpemous, had previously caused riots in several countries across North Africa and the Middle East.

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