News: 19-Sep-12

  1. IAEA says ready for further talks with Iran
    TEHRAN – Negotiators of the International Atomic Energy Agency are ready to meet with Iran’s in the near future, the agency said in a statement issued on Tuesday.
  2. Turkey should respect Tariq al-Hashemi ruling
    Iraq’s recent conviction of fugitive vice president Tariq al-Hashemi and the subsequent political ramifications of the ruling warrant a careful analysis, especially one which takes the Iraqi Constitution into consideration.
  3. Iraq reopens border to Syria refugees, excludes young men
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq reopened its border with Syria on Tuesday to receive refugees escaping violence, but refused entry to young men for security reasons, Iraqi officials said.
  4. Islam’s Civil War Comes To Russia: Shiites And Sunnis Battle In The Caucasus
    MOSCOW – Just this past August, there have been three attacks on Muslims in a small region of Dagestan – two attacks on Imams and one attack on a Shiite mosque.
  5. Troubled Iraqi border town stuck in the eye of the storm
    AL-QAIM, Iraq: Syrian refugees squeeze against a closed gate at an Iraqi border post, reaching through its metal bars to clamor for water, and calling out to Iraqi cousins and brothers on the other side.
  6. Legal experts call for release of cleric Tajul
    Legal scholars have called for the release of Shia cleric Tajul Muluk, sentenced to two years imprisonment for blasphemy July, arguing that the court proceedings had been marred with irregularities.
  7. Bahrain charges police officers with torture
    Seven lieutenants are charged with torturing Shia medics to obtain confessions during height of last year’s uprising.
  8. Shia Ulema Council to hold nationwide protest
    Islamabad: Announcing a nationwide protest on September 21, Shia Ulema Council Central General Secretary Allama Arif Hussain Wahidi has said that Jewish and Christian lobbies are involved in conducting and propagating blasphemous actions against Islam, throughout the world.
  9. Blasts rock Pakistan, 11 killed
    At least six people, including a girl, were killed in twin bomb blasts that rocked a market in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi, while five people died and 13 injured when a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into a bus carrying Shia Muslim pilgrims near Quetta, media reports said.

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