News: 01-Oct-12

  1. Iran’s Rial Declines Days After Market Stabilization Initiative
    Iran’s currency, which has plunged to about half its value against the dollar since last year, reached 29,600 rials against the greenback in street trading today, a week after the government opened an exchange center in an effort to stabilize the market.
  2. Azerbaijan eyes aiding Israel against Iran
    BAKU: Israel’s “go-it-alone” option to attack Iran’s nuclear sites has set the Middle East on edge and unsettled its main ally at the height of a U.S. presidential election campaign.
  3. Bahraini forces open fire on anti-regime protesters
    Bahrain’s Saudi-backed security forces have opened fire on anti-regime protesters, using shotguns and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators.
  4. Bahraini wins human rights seat amid protests, teen’s death
    A Bahraini man won a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council Advisory Committee the same day a young protester in the country was killed, officials and a human rights group said Saturday.
  5. Iraqis Stage Mass Rally against Anti-Islam Movie in Karbala
    Iraqi people have held a massive demonstration in the holy city of Karbala condemning a US-made movie insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
  6. Bomb explodes near north Nigeria Islamic school
    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) – Gunmen detonated a bomb Sunday near an Islamic boarding school in northern Nigeria and later exchanged gunfire with security forces, causing unknown casualties in the region’s latest round of violence, officials said.
  7. Bahrain court ‘cuts sentence of Shiite athletes’
    DUBAI — A Bahraini court on Sunday reduced jail sentences for three Shiite athletes who took part in a Arab Spring-inspired uprising last year to one year from 15 years, their lawyers said.
  8. Iran seeks alternatives to Google, Gmail: report
    An Iranian official says Tehran plans to create its own search engine and e-mail service to replace Google and its Gmail e-mail service, even as it weights lifting a ban on Gmail enacted in response to an anti-Islam film.
  9. In Syrian shadow, Iraq’s Maliki juggles Tehran, Washington
    (Reuters) – Iraq’s move to inspect Iranian aircraft flying to Syria may appease the United States but also shows how crisis in Damascus has pushed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki into an ever more delicate balancing act between his two main allies.
  10. String of Iraq blasts kills at least 32
    (Reuters) – Coordinated bomb attacks killed more than 32 people across Iraq on Sunday, the latest violence in an insurgency the government has failed to quell more than nine months after the last U.S. troops withdrew.

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