News: 02-Oct-12

  1. Three day mourning after murder of 17 year old by Bahraini regime forces
    Bahrain’s opposition party, Alwefaq, stated that the brutal killing of Ali, 17, is considered a message to the world that the regime still acts through the suppressive terror mentality it has adopted since 14the February, 2011 against its people.
  2. Tehran court finds Reuters guilty over defamation of character
    A jury member at a Tehran penal court said that the news agency was found guilty of propagating against the Islamic Republic and disseminating false information to disturb public opinion.
  3. Top Bahrain court confirms jail terms on protesting medics
    DUBAI (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Bahrain’s top court confirmed on Monday jail sentences issued against nine doctors for their role in last year’s pro-democracy uprising, state news agency BNA reported.
  4. Iran restores access to Gmail
    Iranian authorities have restored access to Gmail a week after blocking Google’s popular email service.
  5. Rare protests taking place in Saudi Arabia
    Families of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia have been doing what was once unthinkable in this kingdom and holding small protests outside prisons and government buildings to demand the release of inmates, some of whom have been held without charges for years.
  6. India and Iran make progress on wheat deal
    NEW DELHI –After months of negotiations, India is making progress toward a deal to export some of its surplus wheat to Iran, two people with knowledge of the talks said Monday.
  7. Iraq’s monthly death toll doubles, bloodiest for two years
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The death toll from militant attacks across Iraq doubled in September to 365, the highest toll for more than two years, with most of them killed in bomb attacks, according to government figures released on Monday.

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