News: 02-Nov-12

  1. Iraq violence drops off sharply in October
    BAGHDAD: Levels of violence in Iraq last month dropped off dramatically despite a string of attacks over the Eid al-Adha Muslim holiday that were claimed by Al-Qaeda, figures released on Thursday showed.
  2. Iraq opens biggest trade fair in 20 years
    Iraq opened on Thursday its biggest trade fair in more than 20 years, the latest step in Baghdad”s efforts to rebuild an economy battered by decades of conflict and sanctions and combat unemployment. More than 1,500 companies from Iraq and 21 other countries are taking part in the Baghdad International Fair, which was opened by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and is due to run until November 10.
  3. U.S. eases rules on sale of medicines to Iran
    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has quietly eased restrictions on the sale of medicine to Iran amid signs that concern over the suffering of ordinary citizens could complicate an international campaign to punish Iran for its disputed nuclear program.
  4. China proposes new initiatives for Syria
    China said on Thursday it had proposed a new initiative to head off an escalation of violence in Syria, including a phased, region-by-region ceasefire and the establishment of a transitional governing body.
  5. Iran’s Canadian assets frozen over $13M U.S. terrorism payout
    An Ontario judge has issued a restraining order against Iran’s property in Canada — including its embassy in Ottawa and a former cultural centre in Toronto — as the family of an American woman killed in a terrorist attack tries to collect a $13-million judgment by a U.S. court from a wrongful death claim against Iran’s security agency.
  6. Iraq court hands VP 2nd death sentence
    An Iraqi court on Thursday unexpectedly convicted the country’s fugitive Sunni vice president on charges of instigating bodyguards to assassinate a senior government official and sentenced him to death.
  7. Amnesty International censures Bahrain over ban on protests
    Amnesty International has censured the Bahraini regime over its decision to ban all demonstrations and public gatherings across the country.
  8. Several killed in central Syria bomb blast
    Several people have been killed and many others wounded after a bomb went off in central Syria as clashes continue between foreign-sponsored insurgents and government forces.
  9. World, not India, to witness two eclipses this month
    In a rare celestial treat for astronomers, the world will witness two eclipses within a gap of just a fortnight this month, creating a lot of excitement among the scientific and astrological fraternities, a leading astronomer said here. India will, however, miss out.
  10. Shia Geopolitics Conference to Discuss Role of Shiite in Reviving Muslims’ Dignity, Identity
    One of the objectives of the first conference on “Shia Geopolitics” is discussing the role of Shi’ites in reviving the identity and dignity of Muslims.

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