News: 12-Nov-12

  1. Terrorists Attack Bus in Central Syria, Kill All Civilian Passengers
    Terrorists in Syria exploded a bomb and killed all the civilian passengers, including women and children, of a bus in the Central province of Hama on Sunday.
  2. Saudi Opposition Figure Complains about Corruption in Riyadh’s Judiciary
    Corruption and bribery have deep roots in the Saudi judicial system, Fuad Ibrahim, an opposition figure, complained, adding that the country’s judiciary issues verdicts in favor of Saudi princes in return for huge sums of money.
  3. “The Daughter of Prophet” published
    The book titled “The Daughter of Prophet” has been published recently.
  4. Najaf Scholars Ready for Dialogue with Al-Azhar
    The Friday prayer leader of the holy city of Najaf said the city’s scholars are prepared to hold dialogue with Al-Azhar University’s scholars.
  5. Lucknow to have direct air link to Najaf in future
    LUCKNOW: The city of Nawabs is all set to have a direct air link with the Iraqi city of Najaf, considered to be sacred by Shias. And if the officials of the All India Shia Personal Law Board are to be believed then in addition to Lucknow, the holy city of Varanasi too would get a direct air link to Najaf around the time of Muharram.
  6. 31, including Hazara Shia community, killed in Karachi violence
    At least 31 people, including members of the minority Shia community, have been killed in various incidents of target killings in Pakistan’s commercial city of Karachi and Balochistan’s capital Quetta.
  7. Iraq Cabinet Says Citizens Can Swap Food Rations for Cash
    Iraq’s government will allow citizens to choose whether to receive cash handouts instead of food rations, State Minister Ali Al-Dabbagh said.
  8. Bahrain jails 19 Shiites for ‘attempted murder’
    A Bahraini court on Sunday sentenced 19 Shiites to five years each in jail for the “attempted murder” of policemen during unrest which swept the Gulf state in 2011, lawyers said.
  9. Iran brushes aside new US sanctions
    Nov 11- Iran brushed aside newly-imposed US sanctions over media censorship, which it said was essential to preserve “moral values” in the Islamic republic.
  10. Iran’s Currency Crisis May Worsen GDP Shrinkage: IMF Says
    Iran’s currency crisis will probably deepen the Islamic republic’s economic contraction this year by more than the International Monetary Fund had estimated, the fund’s Middle East chief said.

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