News: 27-Nov-12

  1. Three million pilgrims, 30,000 security forces mass in Karbala
    Millions of Shiites flood Karbala for peak of Ashura rituals, which have been largely spared deadly attacks that struck pilgrims in past years.
  2. Syria rebels ‘seize Marj al-Sultan base near Damascus’
    Syrian rebels say they have captured a military airbase near the capital, Damascus, after a battle in which two helicopters were destroyed.
  3. Iran Plans New Oil Storage, Airline Hikes Fares
    Iran is planning to build new oil storage facilities so it can store more of the fuel it is having a hard time selling due to Western sanctions over its disputed nuclear program.
  4. Rights of Shia IDP must be restored
    Responding to reports on the ill treatment of members of the Shia Muslim community in Sampang, Madura, the Indonesian Ombudsman said it would send an investigative team to the area.
  5. Thousands of Shia Muslims commemorate Ashura in Turkey
    Thousands of Turkish Shia Muslims have commemorated the martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussein (PBUH), on the Day of Ashura.
  6. Shia refugees live in uncertainty
    Beleaguered minority Shia Muslim refugees from Sampang, Madura, East Java, are now facing further uncertainty as the local government stops supplies of their daily needs.
  7. Karbala battle retold in local ‘Chhand’ flavour
    AHMEDABAD: While Gujarati ‘Chhand’ poetry has become synonymous with praise of local rulers and their bravery in battle, it also depicts the battle of Karbala and Imam Hussain’s sacrifice. Such compositions are sung in half a dozen villages of Banaskantha district in North Gujarat, but the tradition is wilting away now.
  8. When lack of explosion makes news in Iraq
    It is not often that a lack of explosions makes news. But in Iraq, still shaken by regular bombings, more than two million Shia Muslim pilgrims gathering in Karbala on Sunday without a single bombing is worth noting.
  9. Azadari on burning charcoals: history and tradition
    Matam (mourning) on burning charcoals attracted crowds of mourners late yesterday night, who had traveled from the city neighborhoods and beyond, including those coming from Rohri and Sukkur.
  10. France gives 1.2 mn euros aid to Syria opposition
    AFP – France has allocated 1.2 million euros ($1.5 million) in emergency aid to the newly formed opposition Syrian National Coalition, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday.
  11. 1,400 years later, pain of Battle of Karbala still fresh
    Mourning and wailing among Muslims marked Muharram on Sunday. The Muslims of the city took out a huge procession with ‘taziyas’, decorated trucks, camel carts and flags, marking the 10th day of the Muharram month, which is the first month of the Muslim calendar.

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