News: 20-Feb-13

  1. Turkey defies US, Iraq by oil, gas deal with Kurds
    Turkey has reportedly struck a massive oil and gas agreement with Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government, a move that would strain Ankara’s ties with the US and the central government in Baghdad.
  2. Iraq’s al Qaeda wing claims Baghdad blasts
    (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s Iraqi wing claimed responsibility on Monday for car bomb blasts that killed 28 people in Shi’ite Muslim districts in Baghdad, saying it was taking revenge for perceived state repression of Sunni Muslims.
  3. Iraq panel clears senior judge over Saddam ties
    BAGHDAD — An Iraqi judicial panel rejected on Tuesday a decision to remove one of the country’s top judges from his post because of alleged ties to Saddam Hussein’s now-dissolved Baath party, an official said.
  4. 10 people arrested in Iran due to Ali Larijani “shoe-throwing” incident
    Ten people were arrested in Iran’s Qom city during the investigation of the shoe-throwing incident involving Iran’s Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani, Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei said, Fars news agency reported.
  5. Iraq wants rehabilitated Iran ‘terror group’ out
    An Iranian exile group attacked in Iraq this month has moved from terrorism lists to international good graces, but Baghdad wants it out over its opposition to Iran’s rulers and ties to Saddam Hussein.
  6. Iran: Influential cleric says regime’s officials are not listening to Khamenei
    NCRI- An influential cleric and member of Iranian regime’s parliament says the infighting among the officials in the regime is resulted from the fact that they are not taking the words of Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader “serious.”
  7. Ahmadinejad threat to cancel Iranian poll
    IRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned that he could scrap this year’s presidential election, threatening to drag the Islamic Republic into a constitutional crisis as he attempts to retain power.
  8. Iran Says Nuclear Talks an ‘Opportunity’ for West
    Iran is prepared to ease Western concerns about Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for pledges from the U.S. and others about the country’s ability to enrich uranium, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said Tuesday.
  9. Shiite Leaders Call End to Protest in Pakistan
    Shiite leaders called for an end to three days of protests by thousands of members of the minority Muslim sect in southwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, after the government launched a paramilitary operation against militants responsible for a weekend bombing that killed 89 people.
  10. Indian pays for Iran oil in rupees, Turkey route halted: sources
    (Reuters) – India is now paying Iran only in rupees for its oil after it lost another payment route in euros due to tougher sanctions from February 6, sources at local refiners said, leaving Tehran struggling to use the tightly-restricted Indian currency.

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