News: 27-Feb-13

  1. Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Sri Lanka
    Saudi Arabia responds to Sri Lanka’s withdrawal of its ambassador to the kingdom after the beheading of a national.
  2. Bahrain: the regime acquits murderers for more crimes to be perpetrated
    Bahrain court acquittal the killers of Issa Abdul-Hasan, 61, who’s head was blown with fire arms. This reflects the judicial authority’s disgraceful indulgence and disregard with criminals and murderers.
  3. Amazing Photos of New Installed Zarih of Imam Hussain
    After a time plan for installing the new holy windowed cage for the holy tomb of the Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) was laid out for 40-60 days. The holy windowed cage is yet being finalized by performing the last touches for attaching the pieces of gold and the inscriptions. The supervisors of the installation process stated that the inauguration would be on the 5th of march 2013.
  4. Bahrain Opposition Parties condemn the suspicious attacks and affirm the right to peaceful protest
    The National Democratic Opposition Parties in Bahrain affirmed their persistence to the “Nonviolence Principles Declaration” as a strategic choice in the peaceful demands movement toward transition to democracy, stressing on the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and their firm and strong refusal of all kind of violence from all sides.
  5. Bahrain: Armed Militias Commit Murder and Crime in residential areas
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Recently, civil armed militias have been perpetrating killings, vandalizing and crimes in different areas of Bahrain. The regime forces have backed these militias and even participated in some of the outrageous crimes.
  6. Saudi Arabia Supplies Syrian Militants with Croatian Arms: Report
    A new report has revealed that Saudi Arabia has supplied foreign-backed militants in Syria with large cargos of infantry and heavy weapons through Jordan.
  7. Bahrainis stage sit-in protest for release of Jaziri’s body
    Bahraini demonstrators are staging a sit-in protest in the capital Manama demanding the release of a protester’s body shot dead by Saudi-backed security forces.
  8. Top Pakistan court demands strategy to protect Shiites
    Pakistan’s top court ordered authorities on Tuesday to develop a long-term strategy to protect Shiite Muslims after bomb attacks killed nearly 200 of them in the country’s southwest.
  9. Islamic scholars condemn killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan
    MUMBAI: A group of Islamic scholars today called upon international bodies like United Nations, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and governments across the world to devise ways to put an end to killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.
  10. Pakistan – 19 Shia Muslims arrested without charges
    As many as 19 innocent Shiites were taken into custody by cops of the rangers in nightlong raids in district central of Karachi.

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