News: 30-Apr-13

  1. Israel: Iran has not crossed nuclear ‘red line’
    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s prime minister on Monday said that Iran is steadily edging closer to nuclear weapons capability but has not yet reached the “red line” he drew in a speech to the United Nations last fall.
  2. Bahraini regime arrests 120 people in a week
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says Saudi-backed Bahraini troops have detained 120 people during the past week, including 20 children and 2 women.
  3. Syrian prime minister ‘Nader al Halqi’ survives bomb attack
    Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halqi has survived an assassination attempt after a massive car bomb was set off in downtown Damascus.
  4. Iraq Suspends 10 TV Channels for “Sectarianism”
    Iraq suspended the licences of 10 satellite television channels, including Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, for promoting violence and sectarianism, an official from the country’s media regulator said Sunday.
  5. Quranic House of the Imam Hussein holy shrine holds a specialized course in reciting Quran
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Reciters and Memorizers League of the Quranic House at the Imam Hussein holy shrine held a specialized course in reciting and intonating Noble Quran.
  6. Report: Introducing the School of Ahlul Bayt at Italy Universities / Photos
    Reports of Academic activities about introducing the school of Ahlu Bayt at the academic environments of Italy. This could be a turning point for the removal of the misconceptions and also facilitating the presence of this school to all who are willing to know more about the teachings of Ahlul Bayt.
  7. Bahrain rejects US report on human rights
    Authorities in Bahrain, which has been rocked by protests for two years, have voiced “dismay” over an assessment by the US State Department of the rights situation in the kingdom.
  8. Turkey-Backed Syrian Rebels Beheaded 20 Men Just for Being Shia Muslim / Photo +18
    Turkey-backed Al-Qaeda FSA hang some of the heads on the entrance of the towns. They offered to give the headless bodies to the families, but for a ransom of about 100,000 Syrian Pound.
  9. The Shia street waiting: Syrian rebels’ attacks on Shiites drag Lebanon into conflict
    In order to engage Lebanese Hezbollah, the most powerful military group of the Islamic world, in the civil war Syrian rebels attack Shia sacred places and target 30, 000 Syrian Shia Muslims who live on the border with Lebanon.
  10. Five car bombs kill 36 in Shia areas across Iraq
    BAGHDAD: Five car bombs struck in predominantly Shia cities and districts in central and southern Iraq on Monday, killing 36 people and wounding dozens in the latest wave of violence roiling the country, Iraqi officials said.

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