News: 05-Sep-13

  1. Iraq launches peace initiative for Syrian crisis
    Baghdad: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Wednesday launched a new peace initiative to end the Syrian crisis and called on the Arab countries and the world to back his plan.
  2. Hadith Kisa Blanket Drive: 120 blankets and 390 fuel packages gifted to families in Afghanistan
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Afghanistan’s winters can be extremely cold and last year The World Federation of Khoja Shia ithna Asheri learned that many of the nation’s underprivileged people suffer from frostbite because they have no source of heat to keep them warm. Often times family members sleep on the cold earth because their homes are too small for beds.
  3. Alkufa secretariat receives Islamic thinker Muhammad Tijani
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Islamic thinker Dr. Muhammad Atijani was honored by paying a visit to Alkufa grand mosque and holy shrines of Muslim bin Akeel ( A.S) , Hani’ bin Erwa and Almukhtar Athiqafi ( may Allah be pleased with them).
  4. Video proves militants launch chemical attacks in Syria
    Despite the fact that US officials like John Kerry and Barack Obama are still claiming that the government of Syria had launched the chemical attacks, newly released videos prove just the opposite and clearly show the Syrian rebels were the ones who launched the chemical attacks.
  5. 3 Pakistani Shiite Muslims Victims of State-Backed Terrorism
    State-backed Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP) militants renamed as Ahle-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat have killed three Shia Muslims in Karachi yesterday.
  6. Iraqi Shia family targeted in deadly attack
    An attack on a Shia Muslim family living near Baghdad has left at least 16 people dead, Iraqi officials say.
  7. Analysis – U.S. strike on Syria could derail Iran president’s master plan
    (Reuters) – If one thing could scuttle Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s big plan – to fix Iran’s economy by winning some relief from Western sanctions – a U.S. strike on Tehran’s ally Syria is it.
  8. Bahrain imposes tougher restrictions on opposition
    Bahrain has imposed new tough restrictions on the opposition, banning political groups from meeting with foreign diplomats without government permission.
  9. Detention is in transgression of UN Convention: India to Iran
    NEW DELHI: India has strongly objected to “colourable exercise of power” by Iran in detaining its oil tanker, saying it is in “transgression” of UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea and warned of “serious ramifications” of any arbitrary enforcement of well-established mechanisms.

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