News: 14-Oct-13

  1. Bahrain police break up Shiite rally
    Anti-riot police in Bahrain used buckshot, sound grenades and tear gas on Saturday to disperse hundreds of Shiite protesters trying to march on an iconic square in Manama, witnesses said.
  2. Islamist militants destroy Sufi shrine in eastern Syria
    A Sufi Muslim shrine was blown up in eastern Syria on Sunday, opposition activists said, blaming al-Qaeda-affiliated militants who have joined in the increasingly sectarian civil war.
  3. Activists: Car bombing in northwestern Syrian town kills at least 12; dozens wounded
    BEIRUT – Syrian activist groups say a car bombing in a rebel-held northwestern town has killed at least 12 people.
  4. Syria station outage knocks out power to several cities
    A malfunction at a Syrian power station has caused electrical outages in several provinces across the country, electricity minister Imad Khamis told state news agency SANA on Monday.
  5. Iraqi Political Factions Divided Over New Electoral Law
    With the approach of every Iraqi election season, the country plunges into widespread controversy about the election law and about how it should be amended.
  6. Bombings Kill at Least 34 in Iraq, Mostly in Southern Provinces and Baghdad
    BAGHDAD — Attacks across Iraq killed at least 34 people on Sunday, security and medical officials said.
  7. Middle East’s Sunni-Shiite divide spills onto the soccer pitch
    Shiite-Sunni divisions have spilt on to the soccer pitch with Iraq’s decision to boycott the Gulf Cup while the Asian Football Confederation warns the Iraqi government not to interfere in the game
  8. Inspectors Said to Face Access Problems at Syrian Chemical Sites
    LONDON — As Syria formally joined the international chemical weapons watchdog, the head of the organization — which won the Nobel Peace Prize last week — said Monday that its inspectors already in Syria were facing difficulties gaining access to some sites because of fighting swirling around contested areas in the civil war.

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