News: 17-Oct-13

  1. Turkish Shias in fear of life on the edge
    Sectarian hatred is moving from Syria into the mainstream of Turkey’s political life. Patrick Cockburn explains the complex battle lines.
  2. Study: Wearing Hijab Helps Body Confidence
    British Muslim women who wear the hijab feel generally better about their body image than those who don’t wear the hijab suggests research published in the British Journal of Psychology today.
  3. Grand Iraqi Shia cleric assures his rejections to hang his photos on public areas
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The office of the Supreme Religious Authority, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, assured once more his rejection to hang his photos on walls of public areas and governmental institutions.
  4. Obama administration says it’s ready to ‘quickly’ lift sanctions on Iran
    American officials say the United States is ready to “quickly” lift sanctions imposed against Iran following upcoming nuclear talks with Tehran.
  5. UK requests Bahrain commitment to human rights
    British Foreign Office Minister for Middle East Affairs Hugh Robertson has called on the al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain to fulfil their obligations concerning human rights.
  6. Bahraini forces clash with anti-regime protesters
    Saudi-backed security forces in Bahrain have clashed with anti-regime protesters, who took to the streets across the country to denounce the Al Khalifa ruling family.
  7. Syrian Army Stages New Series of Mop-Up Operations against Rebels
    Syrian army soldiers started a new round of mop-up operations on Wednesday against militant groups in various cities of crisis-hit Syria.
  8. Assad’s allies looking for Sunni candidate
    One of the leading figures in the “Supreme Islamic Council” headed by the Shiite leader Ammar al-Hakim revealed to As-Siyasah news site yesterday that secret talks are under way between Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria.
  9. Syria Army hails recapture of rebel town near Damascus
    Damascus: Syrian troops recaptured the strategic town of Bweida, south of Damascus, from rebel forces on Wednesday, state media and a monitoring group reported.
  10. FSA says it killed today 50 Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiite fighters
    The Free Syrian Army (FSA) claimed that it killed 50 Hezbollah and Abd el Fadl al Abbas brigade fighters early wednesday morning in Damascus , sana-revo website reported.

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