News: 18-Dec-13

  1. UN makes record Syria appeal to avert ‘greatest humanitarian crisis in modern history’
    With the civil war in Syria approaching the end of its third year, the UN has asked the world to contribute £4 billion for refugees and victims of fighting trapped inside the country
  2. Shia pilgrims killed in bombings
    Bombings in and around Baghdad have killed 10 Shia pilgrims as they walked to a holy city in southern Iraq.
  3. Syria peace conference to open Jan. 22 in Montreux
    The United Nations plans to precede its internationally brokered peace talks between Syria’s warring sides next month with a one-day meeting of foreign ministers in the Swiss city of Montreux, officials said Tuesday.
  4. ‘Slaughtered like sheep’: Eyewitnesses recount massacre in Adra, Syria
    New details of atrocities carried out by Islamist rebel fighters in the town of Adra, 20 kilometers north of Damascus, continue to pour in from survivors of the massacre there, in which reportedly at least 80 people lost their lives.
  5. Chemical watchdog meets on Syria as delays loom
    The world’s chemical watchdog was meeting Tuesday to agree exactly how Syria’s arsenal will be destroyed outside the country, with the plan facing potential delays.
  6. Why Syria has prompted a record $6.5-billion UN appeal
    Calling Syria’s civil war “the most dangerous crisis for global peace and security since World War II,” António Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has appealed to the international community to contribute $6.5-billion (U.S.) in emergency relief to those Syrians displaced from their homes.
  7. Moscow to give logistics support for Syria weapons transfer
    Russia has decided to provide naval escorts to ships ferrying tonnes of material as part of a multinational exercise, involving the United States and its European allies as partners, to destroy Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons.
  8. Rahmani: Iran ready to offer more services to religious tourists
    Deputy Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Morteza Rahmani voiced his organization’s readiness to offer more services to the pilgrims who travel to Iranian religious cities.
  9. Iran Urges OIC to Disclose Inhuman Nature of Takfiri Terrorists
    The Iranian parliamentarian condemned the recent attack on a group of Iranian gas technicians in Iraq, and urged the Muslim countries and the OIC to take necessary measures against the terrorist activities of the Takfiri groups.

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