News: 15-Jan-14

  1. Bahraini Authorities Use Lethal Weapons against Democracy Seekers
    A recent photo showed a weird weapon which looked like a grenade and was used by the Bahraini regime mercenaries against the protestorsWeapon in the area of al-Sutra.
  2. Bahraini Regime Violates Religious Sanctities, Turns Shrine to Deserted Havoc
    Al-Wefaq Islamic Association in Bahrain documented the regime’s violations for the religious sanctities, posting photos for sabotaging the shrine of the honorable Prophet’s Companion, Sasaa sohan al-Abdi in the area of Askar and turning it to be a deserted havoc.
  3. U.N. feeds record 3.8 mln in Syria but concerned by malnutrition
    GENEVA (Reuters) – The U.N.’s World Food Programme (WFP) delivered rations to a record 3.8 million people in Syria in December, but civilians in eastern provinces and besieged towns near the capital remain out of reach, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday.
  4. Religious conflict up in most of the world: Study
    WASHINGTON: Except for the Americas, religious conflict within countries rose around the world in 2012 to the highest level in six years, according to a study out today.
  5. Saudi court sentences Shiites to 10-5 years in prison for posting comments on Facebook
    The court convicted them for posting comments on Facebook supporting the anti-government protests in the eastern province and the release of the Shiite cleric Sheikh “Tawfiq al-‘Amer”.
  6. Bahrain: ancient mosque turned into ruin, regime is responsible for the crime / Video
    Ancient mosque of Sa’sa’a bin Suhan is one of more than 38 mosques to be either demolished or partly vandalized by the regime in a systematic sectarian campaign against Shiite mosques.
  7. Bahrain Authorities Arrest Sons of Political Activists to Avenge their Fathers
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights condemns the Authorities’ policy of taking revenge on activists by arresting and harassing their families.
  8. Iran president says Geneva deal splits sanction regime
    TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that the “Geneva nuclear deal broke the sanction regime that had been imposed against the Iranians unfairly.”
  9. NGOs pledge $400 million in aid for Syria crisis
    NGOs have pledged $400 million (292 million euros) in aid to assist in the humanitarian crisis stemming from Syria’s ongoing civil war. The promise came at a conference of charitable organizations being held in Kuwait.
  10. Iraq violence kills 24, militants stage big attacks near Falluja
    (Reuters) – Sunni Muslim militants staged coordinated attacks near the western Iraqi city of Falluja on Tuesday, destroying two army tanks and capturing a police station, police said.

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