News: 08-Feb-14

  1. Even Iran Will Now Provide Universal Health Care for All Its Citizens
    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — but what if the imitation ends up more successful than the original?
  2. Bosnian Protesters Torch Government Buildings In Sarajevo, Tuzla
    SARAJEVO — Protesters in Bosnia-Herzegovina set fire to government buildings in Sarajevo and the northern city of Tuzla as unrest rocked the Balkan country for a third straight day.
  3. Son Says Iran Oppositionist Karrubi Has No Plans To Apologize
    A son of detained Iranian opposition figure Mehdi Karrubi says his father “sticks to his beliefs and principles” and has no plans to ask authorities for forgiveness.
  4. U.S. Treasury Targets Businesses Linked To Iran
    The U.S. Treasury Department has announced new actions against companies and individuals in Europe and the Middle East that have been doing business with Iran in defiance of international sanctions.
  5. U.S. Treasury says Iran helping Al-Qaeda in Syria
    BEIRUT: Iran is assisting key Al-Qaeda figures to transfer Sunni fighters into Syria, the Obama administration charged Thursday.
  6. Syria Says It Will Stay in Peace Talks as Homs Evacuation Begins
    ISTANBUL — The Syrian government announced on Friday that it would participate in next round of Geneva peace talks aimed at ending the country’s civil war, as civilians trapped in a rebel-controlled part of Homs, one of the conflict’s urban epicenters, began trickling out under a deal negotiated by the United Nations.
  7. Turkish forces seize suspected hijacker on plane in Istanbul
    (Reuters) – Turkish security forces on Friday seized a Ukrainian man who officials said made a bomb threat and tried to hijack a passenger plane, demanding to go to the Winter Olympics venue of Sochi just as the opening ceremony was taking place.
  8. Iran Signals Readiness for More Nuke Concessions
    Iran signaled an apparent readiness for more concessions over its nuclear program, this time over its heavy-water reactor at Arak, local media reported on Friday.
  9. Critics Spoil Iranian Government’s Food-Aid Initiative
    A well-intended initiative to feed the needy has backfired on Iran’s president.
  10. Taliban cleric sets preconditions for joining talks
    ISLAMABAD: One of the negotiators of Taliban team for peace dialogue with the Pakistan government on Friday set a precondition for his joining the talks, demanding implementation of the Islamic law, Shariah.

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