News: 13-Feb-14

  1. Al-Nusra Front Commits Massacre in Maan of Rural Hama
    Al-Nusra Front terrorist group operating in Syria against the national government has committed a massacre in the Syrian village of Maan of Hama countryside in central Syria, killing around 120 people, most of whom were women and children.
  2. Yemen Shia group slam federation plan as unfair
    Northern Shia group on Tuesday rejected a six-region federation plan for Yemen saying that the proposed division of the republic does not distribute wealth evenly.
  3. 76 innocent Shiites still in detention, terrorists freed in Rawalpindi
    As many as 76 Shia Muslims are languishing in Rawalpindi jail because of the biased Punjab government that has freed all the terrorists involved in the case of attack on peaceful Shia mourners during Ashura procession in Pindi.
  4. Bahraini forces brutally beat to death a Shiite woman
    Mrs. Asma Hussain fell unconscious when the regime’s heavily armed forces and militias raided her home to arrest her son, when she steadily attempt to stop them they brutally beat her at around 2am this morning, terrorising the family within.
  5. German Archeological Visits the Museum of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in Karbala
    A German archeological delegation visited the museum of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in order to be familiar with the antiquities and how they are protected.
  6. High-ranking US official: 115,000 militants from 50 states fighting in Syria
    A high-ranking US official says 75,000 to 115,000 militants, organized in 1500 groups, are fighting the Syrian government.
  7. Swiss Muslim Institutions Oppose Inauguration of Salafi School
    Islamic institutions in Switzerland have warned against issuing permission for inauguration of a school belonging to Salafis.
  8. Islamist threat at home forces Saudi rethink on Syria
    RIYADH (Reuters) – After serving for years as the main conduit for weapons and cash to rebels battling Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, Saudi Arabia is shifting its policy to contain the spread of Islamist militancy at home, diplomats and figures close to the government say.
  9. British police search home linked to Syrian suicide bombing
    London: Police searched a home in southeast England today as part of an investigation into reports that a British man was responsible for a suicide bombing in Syria.
  10. Urgent Work Needed for Propagation of Shiism in Serbia
    The translator of Nahjolbalagheh said there are no Shia Muslims in Belgrade and there are only about 20 Shias in the whole country.

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