News: 19-May-14

  1. The battle for Fallujah: Fighting returns to Iraqi city as al-Qa’ida-linked rebels gain stronghold
    Thousands of civilians are fleeing Fallujah as the rebel-held city just west of Baghdad comes under heavy bombardment amid fears that the Iraqi army might launch an all-out assault. Some 42,000 Iraqi security forces are reported to be taking part in operations in the Fallujah area where there has been heavy fighting over the last four months.
  2. Leaders of Militant Groups Killed in Aleppo
    A military source said that an army unit confronted militant groups to the West of al-Zahraa neighborhood and Alleramoun factories in Aleppo city, killing and injuring all their members, Syrian Arab News Agency reported.
  3. Top Bahraini Shia Cleric Calls for Fatwas Against Takfir
    Bahrain’s leading Shia cleric Ayatollah Issa Qassem called on seminaries and Islamic centers in the Muslim world to issue Fatwas against Takfir.
  4. Algeria Salafists Oppose Construction of Shia Mosque
    Algeria’s Salafist groups have opposed plans for building the first Shia mosque in the North African country.
  5. Balkans deluge leaves 35 dead: Tens of thousands also left homeless after worse floods in area for 120 years
    The worst floods to hit the Balkans in 120 years have left at least 35 dead and tens of thousands homeless.
  6. N-deal with world powers still possible: Iran
    Iranian Foreign Minister has said that reaching a final nuclear deal with world powers is still within reach.
  7. Three suspects remanded in custody in Turkey mine investigation
    SOMA, Turkey May 18 (Reuters) – A Turkish court ruled on Sunday to keep three suspects in custody out of 25 people detained on a provisional charge of “causing multiple deaths” in last week’s mine disaster, the prosecutor in charge of the case said.
  8. Gunmen loyal to ex-general storm Libyan parliament, demand suspension
    (Reuters) – Heavily armed gunmen stormed Libya’s parliament on Sunday demanding its suspension and claiming loyalty to a renegade army general who has vowed to purge the country of Islamist militants.
  9. ‘Declaration of war’ on Boko Haram a game changer: analysts
    LAGOS: The declaration of ‘war’ on Boko Haram extremists by African leaders at a security summit in Paris is a major step to tackle the regional threat posed by the group as well as help end the insurgency if properly implemented, analysts say.
  10. Chief of Syria’s Air Defense Dies in Battle Near Capital
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — The general in charge of Syria’s air defense has been killed in fighting near Damascus, an opposition monitoring group and Syrian security officials said Sunday.

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