News: 29-May-14

  1. International Engineers and Architects Prepare the New Panoramic Artwork Of Imam Hussein’s Tragedy
    The international engineering and architectural department of Zuha Hadeed has viewed and considered the panoramic maquette of Imam Hussein that will begin from the suggested place 2KM away from the old down town.
  2. Bahrain forces attack anti-regime demonstrators
    Security forces in Bahrain have attacked anti-regime protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom, as the ruling Al-Khalifa continues its crackdown on the opposition.
  3. Syrian expatriates vote in presidential election
    Syrian expatriates went to the polls in different countries to vote in Syria’s presidential election.
  4. Sowing religious tensions in Bahrain as a defense strategy – a king’s tale
    Amid yet more reports of grave human rights violations against Bahrain’s Shia community, a rather worrying development has come to light in the kingdom as King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa is attempting to sow discord amid the Christian and Shia Muslim community, intent on pitting two friendly and traditionally peaceful communities against each other, to serve his own personal political gain.
  5. Saudi condemns second Shia protester to death
    A Saudi court sentenced to death a Shia protester convicted of attacking police forces during unrest in the east, local media reported Wednesday, in the second such ruling this week.
  6. Obama promises to boost support for Syrian opposition
    Syria: President Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to increase US support for the rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime and to help them confront their extremist rivals.
  7. Libya in standoff as acting premier refuses to yield power
    TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libya’s acting prime minister, Abdullah Al-Thinni, on Wednesday refused to hand power to newly elected premier Ahmed Maiteeq because of questions over his appointment, and demanded lawmakers resolve the political dispute.
  8. After Months of Infighting, a Major Faction Splits From the Pakistani Taliban
    PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Seven years into a bloody campaign to overthrow the Pakistani state, the Pakistani Taliban split in two on Wednesday when a major faction publicly rejected the movement’s leader, Maulana Fazlullah, and said it would continue the fight on its own.
  9. Obama’s New Troop Withdrawal Plan for Afghanistan
    Iraq and Afghanistan have given the United States a stunning legacy of 6,000-plus dead, thousands physically and psychically wounded, over $2 trillion spent, and for what?
  10. Anti-Modi Shia cleric takes U-turn
    LUCKNOW: Maulana Kalbe Jawad, the Shia cleric who slammed Narendra Modi during the election, is now all praise for the Prime Minister. Addressing reporters on Tuesday, he congratulated Modi and said he was worthy of the community’s respect.

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