News: 16-Aug-14

  1. Iraq’s Maliki steps aside, paves way for new govt
    Nuri al-Maliki finally bowed to pressure within Iraq and beyond on Thursday and stepped down as prime minister, paving the way for a new coalition that world and regional powers hope can quash a Sunni Islamist insurgency that threatens Baghdad.
  2. Ebola outbreak toll hits 1,145 in W Africa: WHO
    The death toll from the worst ever outbreak of Ebola has risen to 1,145, the World Health Organization said on Friday, as 76 new deaths were reported in the two days to August 13 in the four West African nations affected by the epidemic.
  3. Arab press blasts Islamic State militants for tarnishing Muslims worldwide
    A growing chorus of top Muslim leaders and Arab pundits around the world are strongly condemning the

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