News: 26-Feb-15

  1. Saudi Royal Infighting Threatens US Standing In The Middle East
    A peaceful transition of power is quickly devolving into fierce infighting as members of the extended House of Saud jockey for power. These squabbles could have major ramifications beyond Saudi borders, even impacting U.S. foreign policy in the region.
  2. Islamic State seize 100 Iraqi tribesmen before battle for Tikrit
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State fighters have abducted 100 Sunni Muslim tribesmen near the city of Tikrit, local tribal leaders said on Wednesday, apparently to neutralize suspected opponents before a widely expected army offensive.
  3. Flurry of IS attacks divert Iraqi army’s attention
    Contradiction prevails in official announcements regarding the course of the battles against the Islamic State (IS) and the group’s movements on the ground.
  4. Success of Shia push back against Islamic State comes with concerns
    Iranian-backed Shia militias have succeeded recently in pushing back Islamic State’s pop-up caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria, but the very success of the Shia operation is of growing concern to the United States, some of its Arab allies and Israel, who fear the creation of an Iranian-backed “Shia Crescent” stretching from Iran to Lebanon.
  5. Iran Spies on Morocco, Targets Shia Community: Report
    Rabat – Leaked South African intelligence documents obtained by Al Jazeera network have revealed that Iranian intelligence services spied on Morocco and other African countries where there are “substantial Shi’a Islam communities”.
  6. Isis brutality in Iraq reawakens Sunni resistance
    Massacres of Sunni Iraqis by killers from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the extremist Sunni group known as Isis, are proliferating.
  7. The real reasons Iran is so committed to its nuclear program
    As the deadlines near for Iran and world powers to reach an agreement on the country’s nuclear program — the first, on March 31, for a basic political framework — negotiations are focusing on what kind of program Iran can have.
  8. Iran’s Navy Blasts Away at a Mock U.S. Carrier
    TEHRAN — Iran’s navy may pale in comparison to that of the United States, but on Wednesday it inflicted serious damage on an American aircraft carrier — a mock-up of one, to be exact.
  9. Bahrain court rejects bail for Shiite opposition chief
    A Bahraini court on Wednesday again rejected a request for bail from a Shiite opposition chief whose trial for allegedly seeking to overthrow the Sunni regime has sparked international concern.
  10. Kurdish MP: Shiite Militia More Dangerous Than Islamic State
    A Kurdish Member of the Iraqi Parliament says that Islamic State (IS) is a temporary threat that will be eliminated, whereas it’s Shiite militia groups that will be a longer-term threat to Iraq.

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