News: 28-Feb-15

  1. Some Iraqi Sunni Tribal Leaders Allied With The US Are Working With ISIS
    ISTANBUL — Some Sunni tribal leaders in Iraq’s Anbar province who the U.S. have enlisted to fight against the Islamic State group are actually working with the Islamic State group, providing it with weapons and other materials, according to Sunni fighters in Anbar.
  2. Kurdish forces ‘capture strategic IS Syria bastion’
    Beirut (AFP) – Kurdish fighters seized a strategic Islamic State stronghold in Syria Friday in a move that could impede jihadist movements near the border with Iraq, where they also control large swathes of territory.
  3. ISIS: Christians Worse Than Murderers
    ISIS is using a harsh interpretation of a verse in the Quran to justify its attacks on Christians.
  4. Rival protests grip Yemen in wake of Shiite rebel power grab as al-Qaida kills 4 soldiers
    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Tens of thousands of Yemenis marched Friday in the capital, Sanaa, in support of Shiite rebels who captured the city last year. The demonstrators denounced alleged “foreign conspiracies” — a reference to international backing for Yemen’s embattled president, who managed to escape house arrest at the hands of the rebels earlier this month.
  5. ISIS May Have Committed Genocide Against Iraq Minorities, Report Says
    “Many minority communities continue to live under the threat of mass killing in Iraq,” an advocate said
  6. Iranian Navy Tests Weapon
    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — With an eye on U.S.-led nuclear talks, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on Friday announced it had test fired a “new strategic weapon” in the final day of a large-scale naval and air defense drill, saying the system would play a key role in any future battle against the “Great Satan.”
  7. Saudi Arabia Beheads Indian Axe Murderer After Killing on Farm
    Riyadh: Saudi Arabia on Thursday beheaded an Indian axe murderer and a Pakistani heroin trafficker, bringing to 34 the number of death sentences carried out this year.
  8. Segregation in Saudi Arabia
    IMAGINE the secret-society feel of a British private members’ club mixed with the casual dress of a pyjama party.
  9. Armed assault: Shia man shot dead in Hayatabad
    PESHAWAR: A Shia man was shot in Hayatabad Friday morning and breathed his last at Hayatabad Medical Complex.
  10. Bahraini Shia sentenced to loss of life
    A court in Bahrain has sentenced a few Shia Muslims to loss of life a bomb assault final year that killed 3 policemen, officials and attorneys say.

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