News: 02-Apr-15

  1. Iraq minister says Tikrit massacre burial sites found
    Tikrit (Iraq) (AFP) – Iraqi forces which retook Tikrit from the Islamic State group found burial sites Wednesday believed to hold victims of a June massacre in which hundreds of army cadets were executed.
  2. Economics to trump politics in Turkey’s rift with Iran
    ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey and Iran have accused each other of trying to dominate the Middle East as they back opposing sides in the crisis in Yemen, but the war of words is unlikely to permanently damage a relationship driven by deepening economic ties.
  3. Tikrit victory boosts Iraq fight to defeat IS
    Tikrit (Iraq) (AFP) – Iraq vowed Wednesday to reclaim the entire country from jihadists after retaking Tikrit from the Islamic State group, as its forces fought to consolidate control of the city.
  4. Don’t cheer Saudi Arabia’s foolhardy war in Yemen
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won bipartisan support and praise from Washington last week for its recent push to repel the advances of Iranian-backed rebels in the crisis-prone country of Yemen.
  5. Rebels seize Syria-Jordan border as IS storms Damascus
    Damascus (AFP) – Rebels backed by Syria’s Al-Qaeda affiliate seized control Wednesday of the last border crossing with Jordan that had been under regime control, dealing a major blow to President Bashar al-Assad.
  6. Turkey Launches International Mosque-Building Program
    Turkey currently is building 18 large Islamic religious centers around the world. The projects include a mosque in Tirana, Albania which will hold more than 4,000 worshippers.
  7. US-Iran thaw spurred Saudi action on Yemen: experts
    Dubai (AFP) – Wary of a rapprochement between Washington and arch-rival Iran, Saudi Arabia has taken matters into its own hands by leading an air war against Shiite rebels in Yemen, experts say.
  8. Red flag raised over Shia spread in Somalia
    Somalia scholars have raised the red flag over Shia ideology spread in the country ,calling Somalia government to counter the spread
  9. Iraq caught between U.S. help and Shiite militias
    WASHINGTON — U.S. airstrikes helped Iraqi troops drive Islamic State militants from Tikrit this week, yet the government may balk at cutting loose Iranian-backed Shiite militias as the price for continued American help in future battles.
  10. Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah Slams Saudi Attack on Yemen (Video)
    Hasan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hizbullah, Lebanese Shiite party-militia, weighed in on Friday on the Saudi intervention in Yemen.

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