News: 16-Apr-15

  1. Iran holds Obama ‘responsible’ for fate of nuclear deal: Zarif
    Lisbon (AFP) – Iran’s foreign minister said Wednesday that US President Barack Obama was ‘responsible’ for making sure that Washington respects a final agreement over Iran’s nuclear programme even though Congress has been given a say on the accord’s fate.
  2. Pakistan Leader’s Brother Visits Saudi Arabia Over Yemen Spat
    Shahbaz Sharif, also chief minister of Pakistan’s biggest state of Punjab, will arrive in Riyadh today to meet the Saudi foreign minister and other top officials, according to a statement from his office. Photographer: Narinder Nanu/AFP via Getty Images
  3. In Slap at Riyadh, Iraqi Leader Puts U.S. on the Spot Over Yemen
    The White House denies Haider al-Abadi’s claim that President Obama believes Saudi Arabia has improperly intervened — with U.S. support — in Yemen.
  4. Retaking all of Iraq’s Anbar out of reach for now, say analysts
    Baghdad (AFP) – Baghdad has announced its next battle against the Islamic State group is retaking Anbar province, but analysts say entrenched jihadists and limited Iraqi forces put a full reconquest out of reach for now.
  5. Iraq PM Says Yemen Could Engulf Region In War, Slams Saudi Operations
    WASHINGTON, April 15 (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Wednesday the fighting in Yemen could engulf the region in war, and suggested after talks in Washington that U.S. leaders shared his concerns and “want to stop this conflict as soon as possible.”
  6. IS seizes parts of Iraq’s largest oil refinery: officials
    Kirkuk (Iraq) (AFP) – Jihadists from the Islamic State group broke into Iraq’s massive Baiji oil refinery, seized some of its facilities and are hiding among fuel storage tanks, officials said Wednesday.
  7. Iran says it will use influence to broker peace in Yemen
    LISBON (Reuters) – Iran’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that his country would use all its influence to broker a peace deal for Yemen in order to end Saudi-led air strikes against Houthi rebel forces allied to Iran.
  8. Former Yemeni leader asks Gulf states for safe exit
    Ali Abdullah Saleh seeks safe passage after being linked to Houthi rebels fighting for control of Yemen.
  9. Mideast Commentators Claim Obama’s Iran Deal Has Something to Do With His Father’s Muslim Faith
    Two Middle Eastern commentators have accused President Barack Obama of working to improve ties with Iran, because, they claim, “his father was a Shiite” Muslim.
  10. Iraq government struggles to contain Isis gains in Anbar province
    Iraqi officials are struggling to confront jihadi militants as they advance on the provincial capital of Ramadi in the vast province of Anbar, west of the capital.

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