News: 08-May-15

  1. Saudi plans pan-opposition meet on Syria after Assad
    Beirut (AFP) – Saudi Arabia wants to bring together the many branches of the war-torn country’s armed and political opposition to discuss what to do after the regime’s downfall, opposition sources said Thursday.
  2. German diplomat: Iran deal alternative ‘not very attractive’
    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Alternatives to a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program are “not very attractive,” a top German diplomat said Thursday, noting that Germany and other nations are ready to move beyond sanctions despite what the U.S. Congress might do.
  3. Hezbollah fighters attack Syrian al Qaeda gathering along border
    AMMAN (Reuters) – Lebanese Hezbollah militants attacked a gathering of leaders of al Qaeda’s Syrian branch and other insurgents in an area along Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria on Wednesday, killing three of them, the group’s television channel said.
  4. Yemen rebels to pay dearly for Saudi bombardments: coalition
    Riyadh (AFP) – Yemeni rebels have crossed a “red line” and will pay a high price for deadly bombardments of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi-led coalition said Thursday, hours after the kingdom proposed a humanitarian ceasefire.
  5. APNewsBreak: Turkey, Saudi in pact to help anti-Assad rebels
    ISTANBUL (AP) — Casting aside U.S. concerns about aiding extremist groups, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have converged on an aggressive new strategy to bring down Syrian President Bashar Assad.
  6. Peshmerga threaten to attack Shiite militia near Iran border
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A frontline Peshmerga commander has threatened to attack a Shiite militia unless it withdraws Thursday from a newly liberated town in Kurdish area of northern Diyala province
  7. Iraqi forces kill 18 Daesh militants in Fallujah
    Iraqi government forces have killed more than a dozen members of Daesh in the troubled western province of Anbar as they continue to battle the terrorists and purge various districts across the country of them.
  8. A Battle Is Brewing Between Hezbollah And Al Qaeda Affiliate Jabhat Al Nusra In Lebanon
    The main Shiite group propping up Syrian President Bashar Assad and al Qaeda’s Syrian branch are gearing up for a battle that may turn out to be a turning point in the Syrian civil war.
  9. Top Qaeda Figure Dies in Yemen Drone Strike
    WASHINGTON — An American drone strike in a southern port city of Yemen last month killed a senior operative of the Qaeda branch in that country who had recently emerged as a public face of the group, it announced on Thursday.
  10. Islamic State threat targets Detroit Muslim leaders
    Local Shia Muslim leaders were encouraged to have extra security during Friday prayer services after an anonymous, unverified online threat was apparently issued by the Islamic State terrorist group naming Michigan.

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