News: 18-May-15

  1. Differing views in Dearborn on war in Yemen
    Last month, two intense rallies by Yemeni Americans and others were held outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn over the war in Yemen.
  2. Is Iran creating its own state within Iraq?
    Iraq and its security occupy a central part in the debate about a possible nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers. The Gulf Arab states fear that Tehran, boosted by the relaxation of economic sanctions, will try to expand and consolidate its “hegemonic” grip over the Middle East.
  3. Oil prices rise up in Asian trade
    Oil prices rose in Asia today as fresh tensions in Yemen and Iraq raised concerns about a supply disruption in the crude-rich Middle East, analysts said.
  4. Shia militias converge on Iraq’s Ramadi after Islamic State takeover
    Shiite militia groups converged on Ramadi on Monday to help Iraqi security forces wrest the city back from Islamic State fighters who seized it in a deadly three-day blitz.
  5. Shiite leader: federalism is best way forward for Iraq
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The head of Iraq’s powerful Shiite Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq declared that the country’s division would benefit no one, and that a federal Iraq was the only way forward.
  6. 10 killed in overnight fighting in Yemen
    CAIRO – At least 10 people were killed in overnight battles in the Yemeni city of Taiz between Houthis and militiamen, residents and medical sources said on Sunday.
  7. Iraqi city falls to ISIS as military forces flee
    BAGHDAD — The last Iraqi security forces fled the provincial capital of Ramadi on Sunday, as the city fell completely to the militants of the Islamic State, who ransacked the provincial military headquarters, seizing a large store of weapons, and carried out executions of people loyal to the government, according to security officials and tribal leaders.
  8. Report: Saudis to Buy Nuke from Pakistan in Response to Iran Deal
    Saudi Arabia had made the “strategic decision” to purchase a nuclear weapon from Pakistan amid the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, a former American defense official said in a report published today in The Sunday Times.
  9. Egypt’s justice minister blames Muslim Brotherhood for killing three judges
    Ibrahim Al-Heneidy accused the Muslim Brotherhood of the killing of three judges in North Sinai, vowing to stiffen penalties on terrorism acts
  10. Much More Is Needed to Stop Iran From Getting the Bomb
    The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act is now on its way to the White House for a reluctant signature by President Obama.

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