News: 18-Jul-15

  1. IS car bomb sows carnage in Iraq town
    Baquba (Iraq) (AFP) – A car bomb blast claimed by the Islamic State group ripped through the crowded heart of an Iraqi town north of Baghdad Friday, killing at least 35 people, officials said.
  2. Nuclear deal doesn’t mean aligning with Iran: UK’s Cameron
    London (AFP) – A landmark nuclear deal with Tehran does not represent an alignment with Iran, British Prime Minister David Cameron said, as Western powers scrambled to reassure regional allies over the move.
  3. Kurdish-US alliance against IS stokes resentment in Syria
    Beirut (AFP) – A close alliance between the US-led coalition battling the Islamic State jihadist group and Syrian Kurdish fighters has racked up successes, but also stirred resentments that could hamper the campaign.
  4. Iran leader says policy on ‘arrogant’ US won’t change
    Tehran (AFP) – Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday that a landmark nuclear deal with world powers would not affect the country’s avowed stance against an “arrogant” United States government.
  5. WikiLeaks Shows a Saudi Obsession With Iran
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — For decades, Saudi Arabia has poured billions of its oil dollars into sympathetic Islamic organizations around the world, quietly practicing checkbook diplomacy to advance its agenda.
  6. Shia community launches protest, demands burial ground in Malvani
    Members of the Shia community are sitting on a hunger protest to pursue their demand for a burial ground in or around Malvani.
  7. Saudis use terror raids to play victim role: Analyst
    Press TV has conducted an interview with Ali al-Ahmed, the director of the Institute for (Persian) Gulf Affairs from Washington, about a car bomb explosion in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, leaving at least one person dead and two policemen injured.
  8. Pak suicide bombing kills guard
    A security guard was killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan’s troubled Balochistan province today.
  9. Isil car bomb kills more than 100 Shia Iraqis celebrating end of Ramadan
    At least 115 people killed in marketplace blast in Iraqi town of Khan Bani Saad, one of Isil’s deadliest to date, on eve of Eid festival
  10. Paradox Regained: Killing the Peace
    The unrelenting tyranny of an unaccountable police force pushes Kashmiri youth back to a brink far more radical than ever before

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