News: 23-Oct-15

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  1. Saudi seeks death penalty for 16 after Shiite unrest
    Riyadh (AFP) – Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia are seeking the death penalty for 16 people for alleged “terrorist” offences in a Shiite community in the kingdom’s east, reports said on Thursday.
  2. Imam Hussein shrine in Cairo closed to prevent ‘Shiite fallacies’
    CAIRO: The shrine of Imam Hussein will be closed Thursday-Saturday to prevent “Shiite fallacies” that happen on the Day of Ashura, according to an Endowment Ministry statement.
  3. Malaysian police raids Shiite mourners in Kuala Lumpur / Photos
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency -ABNA- Malaysian police on today’s evening (October 22, 2015) and on the eve of Tasua raided Imam Hussain (AS)’s mourning ceremony at the Imam Reza (AS) Hussainiyah in Kuala Lumpur and interrogated Hojjatulislam Mohammed Kamel Haji Zahir bin Abdul Aziz.
  4. The sentiments of Karbala do not only belong to Shias
    I would firstly like to inform my readers that I am a Muslim, a Hussaini at heart. I believe that Imam Hussain (RA) was the grandson of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He was the one who had gifted us our religion back.
  5. Iranian-trained Shiite fighters rally to Syria offensive
    IRBIL, Iraq Lebanese, Iranian and Iraqi Shiite militias in unprecedented numbers have been drawn into the Syrian civil war as the Syrian government backed by Russian air power embarks on a four-pronged offensive to retake territory lost to rebels over the past four years.
  6. Srinagar police forcibly stop Shia processions
    Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Government imposed curfew like restrictions in various areas of Srinagar to prevent Shias from taking out Muharram processions across the city today.
  7. US praises role of Iranian-backed Shiite militias in Baiji operation
    Over the past several days, US officials have celebrated the capture of Baiji from the Islamic State.
  8. Suicide Bomber Kills 11 at Shiite Mosque in Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in southwestern Pakistan killed 11 people on Thursday, police officials said.
  9. Bahrain people condemns excessive police force
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Bahrain’s opposition on Wednesday condemned what it called the police’s use of “excessive” force during clashes with Shiite villagers commemorating the religious festival of Ashura (Imam Hussain martyrdom).
  10. Muslim Invasion of Europe
    The flow of illegal migrants does not stop. They land on the Greek islands along the Turkish coast. They still try to get into Hungary, despite a razor wire fence and mobilized army.

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