News: 27-Oct-16

  1. Iraqis are world’s most generous to strangers – global survey
    More than half of people in 140 countries surveyed had helped strangers – with the most generous in countries hit by disaster and war
  2. ISIS carries out massacres around Mosul, Hollande urges vigilance after jihadists return from Iraq
    Islamic State has reportedly massacred scores of people as the coalition’s operation to retake the Mosul continues, the UN said. French President Francois Hollande urged the anti-IS forces to prepare for the aftermath of the jihadists’ defeat in Iraq.
  3. Displaced women care for their own as Mosul battle rages
    More than 5,600 people have been displaced in just the first three days of fighting after Iraqi forces launched their offensive on Mosul to oust the Islamic State from Iraq’s second-largest city.
  4. Saudi Arabia poised to be reelected to UN Human Rights Council
    As the death toll in Yemen surpasses 10,000, Saudi Arabia, one of the principal parties in the conflict, is poised to be reelected to the UN human rights body. Saudi airstrikes are responsible for the majority of the nearly 4,000 civilian deaths in Yemen.
  5. Near Mosul, Some Residents Flee ISIS, Others Stay And Fight With ISIS
    The Iraqi military and its allies have been pushing for a week toward the city of Mosul, held by the Islamic State. For people fleeing the fighting, a few thousand so far, it’s been an unbelievably frightening seven days.
  6. Iran’s new challenge: The Islamic State in Persia?
    When Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced on June 29, 2014, his self-styled caliphate, its borders were only about 20 miles from those of Iran.
  7. IS release propaganda video claiming failed attacks ITV News witnessed to be a success
    The militant group known as Islamic State has released a new propaganda video falsely claiming that a series of suicide attacks in the battle for Mosul have been a success.

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