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News: 23-Feb-10

  1. Isolation of Quran among Shia Muslims Baseless Claim
  2. Are law enforcers prepared for Rabiul Awal events?
  3. Oslo: Wahhabi Extermist Preacher in Mosques
  4. Quranic Software in Urdu Introduced
  5. Muslim Students of UW fast and collect Funds for Haitians
  6. The book “The Truth as it is” published
  7. Shia Muslims take out mourning procession in Delhi
  8. Mandatory health insurance for UAE pilgrims
  9. Azadari processions on Imam Hassan Askari (AS) martyrdom will observe on Tuesday across the country
  10. 8th Rabiul Awal, Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (AS)