Ammar-e-Yaasir (r.a.) reports – The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: O Ammar, Allah promised me that nine Imams will emerge from the loins of Husain and the ninth of them will disappear from the people and he it is about whom Allah says – Say: Have you considered if your water should go down, who is it then that will bring you flowing water? (Surah Mulk (67):Verse 30).

There will be a prolonged occultation for him, such that a group will give up faith in him and others will remain steadfast. Thus when it is the last age of time, he will reappear and fill the earth with equity and justice just as it would be fraught with injustice and oppression. And he will make war for the interpretation of Quran just as I fought for its revelation and he will have the same name as mine and he will be most closely resembling me.
Al-Burhaan fi Tafseer al-Quran

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